By dadoftheyear - 07/05/2015 03:27 - United States

Today, I had to say to my 23-year-old son that it's not a compliment to tell a woman that he wants to jam his cock down her throat. FML
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Damn Is that why I'm still single? Why didn't anybody tell me instead of just kicking me in the balls?!


I would say FYL, but you should have taught him better. YDI

KeannaLove 32

Parents can only do so much in reaching their kids the right way to speak to people. For all we know, OP's son could be hanging out with people who find talking like that acceptable.

people like 2 who blame every little thing on the parents are so annoying and ignorant. as if one human being is never responsable for their own actions once they are an adult... parents can only do so much. plus, he WAS teaching his son to not say that... in the fml!

I always imagine this sort of person when told they're being a dickhead just blames it on their parents and absolves themselves of all responsibility for it.

obviously #2 OP did not teach his son that because he told him that wasn't acceptable so stop trying to blame OP it could be a friend or something that be got That he got that from.

I don't see how it's OP's fault he didn't teach his son that telling a woman that he would like to ram his cock down a her throat is unacceptable. I hope I never have to teach my son that because I hope he has enough common sense to realize that on his own as an adult.

Damn Is that why I'm still single? Why didn't anybody tell me instead of just kicking me in the balls?!

I actually enjoy the ball kicking. That's the only intimacy I'll ever get. :'(

And that 46, is why adult shops sell a wide range of fantastic products to satisfy your every need. Including but not limited to realistic, life sized dolls that actually talk dirty to you.

But do those dolls kick balls?

Umm, you need to be kicked in the balls more than once to figure out not to do something?

Well that's one way to be embarrassed if you we're with him. Wondering how you heard this O.o

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FieldLeftBlank 20

I'm curious what prompted the conversation.

im going to guess a pretty woman

walking down the street

Eyalsh 32

the kind i'd like to meet..

This is stuck in my head now, thaaaanks

wait...what? It's not? At least he learned it at home and not via FML. ;)

Maybe you should have told him that earlier

Yeah that is sick!

Why the hell would he even think...

Badkarma4u 17

Because it probably resulted in him getting a blowjob more than once.

Only if he had to pay the woman for it

11 clearly he didn't think.