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Today, I had to say "Put away your burrito," "that ruler is not a light saber," and "stop making dog noises" all in the same sentence at work. I teach Advanced Placement Calculus to high school seniors. FML
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what did you expect theyre seniors

Hahahahha. Thts great. They must be really smart


how long do you think itll take for #1s comment to be removed

Hahahahha. Thts great. They must be really smart

Someone has a brain

no comprendo?

Yeah I know...

Give them a break, it's senior year.

Way to F up there OP. People in this type of class SHOULD be creative... and you are trying to shove all of them into straight-jackets, destroy their creative being, and turn them into conformists! If they excel in the course, why do you care? Clearly the entire US public education system is a failure... what the hell is there to lose???

i think adults have done a really good job raising this generation

Sounds like one epic class OP. I probably wouldn't complain, sometimes these types of classes keep you sane, whether you're teaching or learning.

Ill never put away my thick burrito;)

So, your students lives are average, wrong websites OP, you want MLIA.

37- I have a feeling you totally misread the FML. Plus creativity is NOT pretending a ruler is a lightsber. That

WTF? teachers use fml ?

Taking AP Calc in the fall, sounds like an awesome class. Burritos forever!

Theyr smart enough to act stupid(:

Ha ha ha you must be teaching a very...errr...umm... unique group of kids

That is a super gnarly class brrruuhhh

Of course they are. That's why they got into college.

Why be a stick in the mud OP? Our AP Calculus teacher calls it "Cowculus" and has the seniors color in a cow the first day.

lol sounds like something my calc teacher would have said to me..... too bad I failed the AP calc exam :/

get over it. thats what u signed up for when u chose to be a teacher!!! what did u expect. seriously dude... come on

Sometimes I feel bad for these teachers my math class was worse. Someone throw a snowball at my math teacher's door and we would scream to the top of our lungs when someone walked in. It was our senior year too we just didn't give a fuck :D

37- I have a feeling you miss read this FML! XD

Sounds like my ap chem class

Sounds like my ap chem class

37- actually it's not because 90%of my school has straight A's(it's a public school)

this sounds like my ap calc class.

37 must work for fox news...

School on a Saturday? I call shenanigans.

No teacher deserves to be treated like that! And no on can expect it

Hahaha what do expect? Manners?

I can almost imagine taking this post in a sexual way. Just read it again.

i know some sophmores in ap calculus, and i could definitely see them getting called out for using their rulers as light sabers.

Hey at least you don't have a dull class!

Hehe. Sounds like fun. Don't be such a kill-joy OP.

We do that too! Like it's a boring class so we need to entertain ourself xD but obviously your a boring teacher op..

my ap calc class now turns to sporcle to solve our boredom

what did you expect theyre seniors

Usually by senior year, your brain resembles something like scrambled eggs.

lmao exactly sounds like a fun class

But wait... I thought rulers were lightsabers! D;

Hmmm. The force is wrong with this one.

Lmao sounds lik my class... O wait

Sounds like my advanced algebra 2 class... We are on our way there :)

The OP is in Texas. This sounds like my class... Damnit...

and your pregnant

253... What?...

177, is there any chance that class is taught by a Mr.Rainbird...?

Wow what are you talking about I'm really confused haha. Also that's silly.

From what I've seen in your comments on other FMLs, everything confuses you.

If you don't get it, then gtfo of FML.

itsallgoodintheh .. Y U NO NOT CONFUSED??

You guys are mean.

Successful troll

Why is that a Fyourlife? That sounds more like a MLIA type of thing.

I don't see what's wrong here... burritos, lightsabers, and dog noises? sounds like a fun class :)

Exactly what I thought, that class sounds like a lot of fun!

Haha I wish that was my class.... We r dead silent

Sounds like my ap calc class

It sounds like their lives are average.

Yeahh:) but at the same time they're SIENORS in an AP Calculus class. &&I know i didnt spell "calculus" right. ;)

that's kinda creepy...

What were you expecting from seniors? ;D

sounds fun, i wanna be in your class (;