By slim_breezy - 04/06/2016 07:41 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I had to rush my son to the ER after he ate a poisonous plant. He said the plant looked like one in Skyrim and he thought he'd get super powers from eating it. FML
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theoldman 22

I used to be an adventurer like your son. Until I took an arrow to the knee.

I'm not to proud to have a similar experience


I'm not to proud to have a similar experience

Hey one of the plants I ate eating gave me more mana for my fire spell. Or at least I think that's why my throat was burning...

Please elaborate!

Yeah, sure... the power of being brought to the hospital that is.

Clearly it was a weakness to poison ingredient. Should have added more ingredients could have changed the affects :p

I love skyrim. I hope you teach him a lesson though.

I think the lesson was fairly obvious without OP doing anything.

My best friend got me started on Skyrim a few months ago. Needless to say I am addicted.

Please tell me he is of grade school age and not high school or above , excluding special needs

I'd hope not. Most games have an age rating for a reason... I'm not saying that age ratings should be set in stone - most kids 13 and up can probably handle the "18+" games - but maybe if your child is stupid enough to eat poisonous plants you shouldn't be allowing them to play mature games

theoldman 22

I used to be an adventurer like your son. Until I took an arrow to the knee.

Fun fact for the people who got sick of hearing Skyrim soldiers use this line: Did you know that "taking an arrow to the knee" is a Nordic idiom for getting married? All those guards didn't have the same tragic accident - they just settled down :-)

46- I never knew that. Thanks for the info. I figured it was just the game having a limited quantity of "soldier" lines and it just kept cycling through (which obviously it did) but now it's not so bad since marriage is a lot more common then every single city watch man having the same accident.

I'm pretty sure that's been disproven as the reason behind it. It's just as likely that the 'arrow to the knee' thing has to do with a law about every bone fragment removed from an injury costing a set amount of money, and healer paying off bandits and criminals in exchange for said criminals aiming for areas that would create a lot of bone fragments- like knee caps. Add in that without knee caps walking long distances is painful, and you have a lot of people with combat training that are stuck within a certain range. May as well put them to use, and make them feel useful.

metalcrazed 21

No,it isn't.

Nice to meet you, Game Theory.

Welcome him to the real world

The drugs they use to fix his ass might make him think he has super powers for a while

Did he get the super powers?

I heard he found out how much he can vomit in an hour.

Natural selection at work...