By Mulee - 07/03/2009 12:03 - Belgium

Today, I had to run to catch my train, so I didn't get the chance to buy a ticket. When the conductor was in sight, I saw he was a young man and I opened my top a little, in hopes of not having to pay a fine. When I told him I didn't buy a ticket he said: "Close your top, I'm gay". FML
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Don't flatter yourself.

uuh.... who does that anywy??? thats sick


hahahahhahahahahaha. Skank

skank power fail

Skank powers, activate!

nice ones 156 & 157

Good job stooping down to that level skank.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it's funny cause you're a whore

uuh.... who does that anywy??? thats sick

boobies are a powerfull weapon, aim directly at the enemy, its more like: wo doesn't, at least i do

Who else thought of the FML with the cop?

How is this an FML ?

U are a proven slut. Want to meet up sometime?

I know! Using a man's pure heart against them, really just what has this society come to? Why do women feel the need to help themselves get an advantage by throwing breasts in peoples faces?

it's conductor babe

stupid modern society

Don't flatter yourself.

Wow really? A constructor?

*conductor. Let's learn to spell.

The girl who wrote the FML said that I believe, lol. Then it was corrected. I see many people mentioning it ._.

hahaha WOW I didn't even realize she said "constructor" Let me edit my first comment to... hahahahahahah DUMB skank!

Why would you tell the constructor that? It's called a conductor, genius.

hahahaha you deserved that xD. I love how up-front he was about it. And it's "conductor" lol.

you deserved it for calling the guy a "constructor".

haha. i hope you played it off cool and didn't get all pink in the face.

actually, I hope she did...she deserves it...