By banj0 - 06/10/2012 22:58 - United States - Madison

Today, I had to pry my sister's used tampon out from between my dog's jaws. FML
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What a bloody nightmare!

That's bloody awful! I would have to scrub my hands...and brain with bleach after that!


What a bloody nightmare!

I saw a raccoon running off with one of my tampons once. It was actually pretty funny.

^ Oh please, do tell me more!

Inheritance 10

My wandering mind is more towards why OPs sister couldn't get it herself.

Same with my dog plate if bloody tampons or prime rib. Prim rib will be dessert.

That was not op's dog. It was his sisters vagina. Lol

iOceanus 18

Is everyone else missing the fact that this should be an FML for the dog too? Poor dog had a tampon with vaginal blood its mouth.

37, his sister probably wasn't home. 95, unfortunately, dogs actually are known to eat bloody tampons and pads. Not only have I discovered our family doing doing the same thing, when I adopted my dog a few months ago, my vet mentioned to keep those away where a dog can't get to them.

*Only one doing. I did not mean to.repeat the word, grammar nazis lol.

I'm going to crawl in a hole now for the unintended period (no pun intended) in my follow-up correction.

That's bloody awful! I would have to scrub my hands...and brain with bleach after that!

Yeah same here... Even if I wore rubber gloves it wouldn't change a thing... And on a side note this is the first FMLer I've found who also lives in AK! I'm not alone!

Yep. The germaphobe in me would never be the same. Sweet!! There's(I think)three others from Alaska here. Welcome to FML!

LiterOfCola 16

Repeat joke

18 & 20, I'm born and raised in AK. I visit about 3 - 4 times a year and was just there in July. It's nice to find some FMLers on here who love there. I miss AK but it is, now, impossible for me to live there.

*I meant live there but that would be cool if you loved AK.

mielauh 0

That must have been bloody difficult.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Nasty! Talk to your sister about throwing them out where your dog can't get them.

sniperkit 10

Or not letting the dog between her legs while she's on her period.

^your profile picture, the dog after realizing he had a bloody tampon.

You're supposed to flush used tampons down the toilet...

56, some older plumbing can't handle that

Actually, no plumbing can handle it. It clogs up the retention tank and eventually floods your house/yard.

SApprentice 34

That's disgusting, I'm sorry it happened to you. Dogs tend to do that with things covered in bodily fluids.

Dogs will eat anything but their actual dog food

Shadow_Phantom 26

I don't understand why dogs do this... urgh. =_=

SApprentice 34

6- It's bloody, it stinks of human, and its scent is very strong. Their instinct is to eat it to dispose of it, and they like the taste of the blood.

Shadow_Phantom 26

*Looks at dog* /I'm watching you./

I don't understand why it's accessible by the dog at first place.

B3Y0ND 3

40- Trash cans in the bathroom are easily accessible as they are low and usually uncovered.

DarkJediLove 19

Now that the dog has the taste, hopefully it doesn't turn into jaws!

I think if we're going to refer to a dog becoming a sudden viscous blood seeking animal.... Wouldn't Cujo be a better reference?

At least you didn't have to take it from the jaws of your (or her) pussy ... (Cat I mean)

What the fuck?

sorrowsangel89 1

What is wrong with you?

The dog wanted to earn his red wings.

That's nasty. Tell your sister to dispose of it more properly. What if the dog ate it or choked on it?

It may not necessarily be she disposed of it improperly. My dog has raided my bathroom trash can a couple times and this same sort of thing has happened.

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