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Today, I had to politely nod and say "Ah okay..." as my grandpa told me that he's not racist; he just doesn't think it's right for black men to associate with white women. He's well aware that my boyfriend is black. FML
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Why couldn't you politely tell him that you absolutely don't agree and in the future, you will be more comfortable if he keeps his racist thoughts to himself?

What a moron! Everybody knows the TRUE measure of racial tolerance is how many friends of other races you have.


What a moron! Everybody knows the TRUE measure of racial tolerance is how many friends of other races you have.

Very true. Mine are from 100m dashes and half marathons. Beat that.

Please. I have friends from Olympic races, rally races, formula 3, formula 1, water jet races, online races...

I've got a friend who is a champion three legged racer..

Yeah, well I have a horde of squirrels with a caffeine addiction.

Why couldn't you politely tell him that you absolutely don't agree and in the future, you will be more comfortable if he keeps his racist thoughts to himself?

Or not be a pussy and ignore it.

4: How exactly is standing up for your own beliefs being a 'pussy'? OP had every right to make a comment in the subject rather than just accept it. It doesn't matter if he's family.

It's unfortunately the mindset of a good portion of that generation. My grandpa told me when I was thirteen to be careful of [black men] because it's a [we all know what I'm censoring here]'s greatest desire to touch a white woman. He didn't see anything wrong with what he had said, and after that I avoided as much contact as I could until he died.

It's not really racist to not like the fact blacks and whites get married or lay with each other. That's what's wrong with many people today they're so quick to play the race card when it's what so.eone believes. You believe they should I believe they shouldn't. If it's truly a free country accept what everyone thinks. Whether it's right or wrong. Although I believe they shouldn't I have tons of black friends that do and I just don't care. I'd still take a bullet for them the same as I would my white friends.

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#36 The belief in segregation is usually due to perceived superiority. So he would be both a racist and a segregationist.

Retard alert. Retard alert. Warning, you have gone full retard. Racks, is defined as actions or beliefs against a certain group due to their race. Please revoke your statement and avoid going full retard in the future. This has been your retard alert

Yet you believe otherwise. Don't worry about your grandpa too much. Some people just want to remain ignorant forever. And, I'm tired of the, "well back in his day...." It's all bullshit. It's time to face the fact that every single person in this world is equal.

Believe it or not but there are entire towns in Texas that are still racist. Pardon the language but this is a history lesson I was in a town a few years ago that had a huge billboard that said "Nigger don't let the sun set on your black ass here." Racism is very alive and just because of how long that billboard was up all it does is set younger generations up for failure.

By the articles that make it over the Atlantic, the whole state of Texas, plus several others; strangely mainly ones with a large proportion of their population that isn't "white". Having said that, half of my compatriots have just taken the racist choice in a referendum, mostly for racist reasons, so I'm not in much of a position to criticise.

Blacks aren't superior in sports, Asians aren't always the smartest either. Your trying to explain what racism is but yet you have the most stereotypical comment I've seen on here in forever. Dumb ass

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I remember back when fmls used to have funny comment sections. You guys all needs to chill and actually enjoy them instead of being self important little turdsticks.

Well how about you post a funny comment then "turdstick". If you don't like the comments.. then DON'T READ THEM. There is a button to express your dislike for the comment--Use it ! (like I just used it for your comment) .

I thought it was funny. Turdstick.

Yes, because racism is self-important. Just because people are aware that this is a real issue doesn't mean they're being as self-righteous as you are.

So? Something being an issue doesn't make it exempt of humor.

Racist: "A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races … " —Oxford Dictionaries Your definition comes after. The grandfather discriminates between people one should associate with based on race ergo he's racist. It's really telling that you couldn't even let your cherry-picked dictionary definition stand by itself to prove he's not racist. Instead, you try to justify it with temporal relativism. If you grew up thinking two plus two equals five, you'd still be wrong today. These social issues aren't even recent; my grandfather joined an integrated frat FIVE decades ago under the belief races are all equal. Everything else you said is still predicated on the idea that race somehow matters but that you're magically not racist for thinking so. Yes, this site is filled with a vary, VARY large number of ignorant people. That's why we downvote.

My grandma used to say similar things like that. The first time I was horrified that someone still thought like that and was stunned into silence. The second time I told her it's not okay to talk like that about people but she didn't understand. It's what they were brought up to believe and while that does not justify it, it's very difficult to let go of core beliefs that your parents drilled into you. People tend to choose ignorance over learning and adapting.

If you want to stay polite after a statement like that you could say "Well people have different opinions I guess." It sends a very subtle message that you disagree, yet it's still respectful.

Sorry about that. I can see why you didn't say anything back. For some people, especially old people, it's hard to change.