By Anonymous - 26/08/2012 05:46 - United States - Olympia

Today, I had to pee so bad that I ran downstairs with no glasses on and stumbled into the bathroom, half blind. I sat down on the toilet and realized just a little late that my older sister and her boyfriend were having sex in the bathtub. FML
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Unbweavable 17

Sooo you're so blind you can't see two human bodies?

gabe222 25

Musta been quiet sex or something... Otherwise you'da heard 'em Unless of course you are deaf to go along with half blind


Unbweavable 17

Sooo you're so blind you can't see two human bodies?

There is probably some sort of shower curtain around the bathtub. Or OP really had to pee that she didn't give a damn.

Has your sister never thought of using the lock?

Aug1508 9

When you gotta go, you gotta go! I usually don't look inside the bath tub when I gotta pee. I should start too though, you never know what kinda surprise is waiting for you behind the shower curtain.

#22 Like Slender Man

I have a really bad astigmatism and I can't see two bodies, unless I know they're bodies.

mizuki123 8

#8 some people don't have locks on their bathroom doors.

#48 The bathroom door needs a lock. Her sister should not have sex while other people are home. At least she could not see them clearly?

I have such bad vision with no glasses that I can only see colors not what the actual objects are.

Same; I can't see shapes when I don't have contacts or glasses on. I only see blobs of color.

I wore glasses from when I was 3 to when I was 15 (I'm still 15 but 1 month after I turned 15 I got to stop) during that time my prescription got better and better until now where I only need glasses for reading.

Curtain could have been closed and heard noises afterwards.

Most don't look at the bathtub when they really need to pee...

mizuki123 8

Maybe the sister thought that no one would go in there? I know people who do it all the time when people are at the house.

musicluvr2000 11

74- thank you for informing us.

That's some scary shit#34

To bad no one cares.

I'd be pissed if I were her.

bieberfied 4

#74 Really? As if we really give a d*mn. -_-

35- It scares me that that many people know who he is. :(

Who has sex in the bath tub?

Mario_lib 6

#1 or hear them having sex?

147 - anyone who can, I imagine. Try it sometime. Works better with the lady on top.

Run! You should have pretended you couldn't see them.

Run after you finish peeing, of course.

If they run that would indicate they had seen them.

just act like you never even saw them. take a piss, pull your pants up, and walk away.

font forget to shut the lights off on your way out though :)

JustDerpin 11

OP's reaction to the bath tub sex: 75's profile picture

gabe222 25

Musta been quiet sex or something... Otherwise you'da heard 'em Unless of course you are deaf to go along with half blind

I love you Andrea Bertschi

What I'm wondering is why they didn't lock the bathroom.

They were probably trying to be quiet because other people were clearly home. And I'm wondering why they didn't lock it either. Don't all bathrooms have a lock? Even my house has it on the bathrooms, just not the bedrooms.

No my bathrooms don't have locks. In my house if the door is closed you don't go in and that has worked pretty well.

You'll never be able to look at that bathtub in the same way. Or your sister, for that matter.

Think about trying to take a bath or shower in there! I'm hoping your house has more than one bathroom

jem970 19

I'm thinking that's a no because she needed to run downstairs to pee and also why the bathroom door was not locked. That's just cruel to make someone pee outside because you are having sex in the bath tub.

#4 & #9 - are you really expecting to go through life without using anything that people have had sex on? Have you never stayed in a hotel? Used a communal shower? Or even a home bath/shower if you have a brother? The great thing about bathtubs is that they are very easy and convenient to wash.

perdix 29

Since you're half-blind and they are not, the FML is on their part and not yours.

Why in the bathtub?

It's a wet experience!

I don't know, I've always wondered if sex is comfortable in a bathtub or not.

Wouldn't it get kind of cold? And that's a large bathtub if it comfortably fits two people inside of it.

MichellinMan 20

why not?

It's never a question of comfortable, it's always a question of good. And it's ALWAYS good.

It's warm and sudsy.

But...even without the issue of getting two people in a bathtub, the water washes away the natural lube. It's the same reason shower and jacuzzi sex are overrated. No-one likes friction tears down there..

Because it provides easy slip and slide!

chelseamarie32 7

It could be a possibility that they were just having sex in the bath tub without water. Maybe? Her sister's room could be next to their parent's, and they may not have wanted them to hear. Just a thought.

Gotta say it does a number on the knees!

bizarre_ftw 21

Maybe she squirts? I can tell you it's annoying >.< but a bathtub fixes everything. Don't fill it, or barely fill it if there's an issue of getting cold (also good for covering up sound and letting little sisters know someone's in there), and go to town, a girl can squirt as much as she likes in a bath and not have to worry about a damn thing!

olpally 32

Hopefully you didn't catch the whole image of that happening.... When I'm not wearing glasses, I can't see 10 feet in front of me... Thank God.

But the OP would have to live in a mansion of some sort to have a bathroom that's over 10ft long, also presuming their vision is similar to yours

I can barely see five feet away from me sans glasses. OP's vision can be worse than mine.

alphaskater09 9

I can't see anything after 6inches without my glasses, everything is a big fucking smudge. I hate my eyes :(

56 - look at the bright side: at least you don't have to look at yourself

#61 that's mean as shit but funny too, sorry 56 if your feelings are hurt

g_ayvel 11

That was rude...

alphaskater09 9

Lol that's not even me in my profile pic. Thanks anyway for being nice. I kinda feel bad now for making you guys be nice to me for no reason.

56, I'm the same. I can only see things clearly that are a few inches from my face. My contact prescription is -9. Last time I went to the eye doctor I asked how high they make the prescriptions because my vision is steadily getting worse. She said they make them up to -20 so apparently there are people with much worse vision than me. Made me feel fortunate in comparison :)

Wait you aren't a shark?

MiloBear 11

#98, my dad's prescription is -12 and I'm -7. His eyes are so bad that laser eye surgery wouldn't work on him if he tried. I also can't have eye surgery with the current technology because I have occular hypertension. I can totally understand how the OP wouldn't see two people. The only reason I can even find the toilet sans glasses is because I've lived in this house for half my life. Also, none of the inner doors in my house have keys in them. My parents don't let us lock inside doors in case there's an emergency. So I can understand why the sister didn't lock.

Yeah, my eye doctor told me that at -10 and worse the laser procedure doesn't work because they can't shave off enough of the cornea to completely correct your vision, but there are different surgeries you can get done. She said that I'd probably qualify for one that basically inserts a permanent (but removable with another surgery) lens in the eye once my vision stops changing. Would ocular hypertension stop you from getting that too? If not, contacts aren't that bad :)

alphaskater09 9

#119 I changed my picture to a shark because people though the fat chick in my profile picture was me and I felt bad when people stood up for me. Also I suck at grammar so feel free to tell me where the commas go. ;)

Commas are a part of punctuation not grammar though.

tylermt1999 17

If I were OP, I would've acted like I didn't see them and act like I was going to take a shower and turn it on.:p

blackmail them to repay the scars they gave you

perdix 29

I don't understand sex in the bathtub. Claustrophobia and buoyancy -- the one-two punch in the nuts.