By getafucktoysomewhereelsedude - 16/05/2013 20:31 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I had to listen to yet another delusional fuckface at school bitch about how a girl he's interested in put him in the "friend-zone". I really couldn't focus on my work, so I tried to shut him up by saying he's an idiot, not least because she already has a boyfriend. I now have a black eye. FML
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Oh gosh finally, the revolt against the friendzoned "nice guys" has begun!


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Should have punched him back. Douches like that shouldn't have girlfriends because they turn into jealous clingy bastards.

#1, I'm guessing he was in class. When has ANY teacher been cool with someone just up and move in the middle of a lesson?

you seem to be confused as to who is the douche here

12: College profs don't really care whether you leave class at any point during lecture.

Damn straight he could've moved.

I guess love doesn't only hurt those involved.

People are morons, just don't tell them they are. Next time just friend zone him a little.

Nice profile picture.

Oh gosh finally, the revolt against the friendzoned "nice guys" has begun!

Yeah I feel like those who usually complain about women freindzoneing nice guys and the "nice guys finish last" are usually the douchebags themselves. Hence OP's black eye

agreed. and to guys that have been "friendzoned" there is no friendzone. we either like you or we don't. if not then GET OVER IT. complaining isn't helping your situation.

No, no, the friend zone does exist, just not the way every guy complains about it

I hate the term "friend zone" because it implies that being a friend to someone is some sort of shitty consolation prize. Okay, it sucks getting turned down by someone you want to potentially date. But being friends with that person can still be awesome. It's not like girls (or guys) are trying to be assholes by putting someone in the "friend zone".

Over the summer, I was talking to this guy for months. He never asked me to be his girlfriend, and I always thought it was a little odd that he wouldn't commit. Going through his Facebook, I realized that while he was talking to me he was always talking to at least 10 other girls. All while posting statuses about how nice guys always get screwed over. He still posts those statuses and victimizes himself, and it annoys me to no end.

bamagrl410 31

I hate guys whining and complaining about how nice they are & how they deserve a girlfriend that some other guy has. Quit being a little bitch, and if you're so great then go get a girlfriend. I've always found that the "nice" guys tend to be pushovers, whiny, and too eager to please to the point of suffocation. Girls don't only date assholes, and not every guy who can't get the girl he wants is a nice guy. Agreed with 6 - finally the revolt!

Thank GOD for the revolt! I work with a guy that always bitched about being friendzoned and claimed to be a nice guy. Now that he has a girlfriend he's still talking to other women and even asked me out. When I asked him about his girl he said he didn't really like her. A douchebag like that doesn't deserve any girl.

#57 thank you. When I had a crush on a male friend that didn't like me back I didn't bitch about being "friendzoned"

I used to be one of those nice guys that complained about friend zoning. It does happen, but not for the reasons these guys think it does. If you keep getting friend zoned, look at YOURSELF. I had to take a long hard look at my own personality as to why I received the constant friend zoning. Much of the girls here are right - I was whiny, clingy and fucking emotional. In short I was a bitch and women don't want bitches. My fellow "nice guys" out there - getting rejected sucks. I know it does. It's happened to me plenty of times. But think about this - if you keep getting rejected by different women, something may be wrong with YOU. Not them.

I would also like to add that I grew up with insecurities. The main one being that I'm a short stack. I'm not more than 5'4, so I was constantly rejected just because of that alone. It's hard, but I learned your personality counts for a lot. The last girlfriend I had was about 5'7. But she liked me for who I am.

well the girl did have a boyfriend, that doesn't count as being friendzoned. the 'delusional fuckface' is probably an asshole for going after someone that's already taken.

Are these people really so irritating? I mean, they can be annoying,but you all sound like you want them slaughtered or something.

As a woman, I despise them because they tend to vilify us when we don't share mutual feelings for them. Because of this whole friendzone thing I look like a bitch when I say I just want to be friends. But the honest truth is that I'm taking a long break from dating and I'm only looking for friendship.

I once friend-zoned a guy... We were awesome friends, but as soon as he was starting to get a crush on me, which I noticed immediately, it became awkward. And I just really wasn't into him like that. Both physically but also his personality wasn't what I liked to date. So he got angry and that ruined the whole friendship. It was a really sad thing for both of us :( So yeah, he wasn't that nice after all. He even started trying to bribe me, saying he could get me backstage to certain artists and what not. Really, not a nice guy thing to do.

Those guys who always talk about being such "nice guys" scare me now I have a friend who was sexually assaulted by the guy who said that she put him in the "friendzone" and that he's "such a nice guy!"

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It takes a lot to lower a guy like that's self esteem. That's why they've created the "friend-zone" excuse - they refuse to think they're not their friend's type or un-date able.

I'm glad the guy hit OP. He was just talking to him, if OP didn't want to listen he should have moved not the guy who hit him. One thing to kindly tell him to be quiet, but no, he decided to insult him. Good job random guy, keep up the good work.

38, you seem like a really nice guy (read: butthole)

Try a curling iron? (Op's name)

Not this one ;) this one is waaaay deeper !

He sounds like a regular Nice Guy.

You could have nicely asked him to please be quiet and explain that you were trying to study, not call the man an idiot.

Because calling someone an idiot is the same as calling someone a mother fucking bitch ass nigger.

but he WAS an idiot and idiots should be shamed