By emancipate my ass
Today, I had to listen from the next room as my dad cheated on his girlfriend with his married boss. He's 57, looks like a troll, and doesn't smell much better than one either. Meanwhile I'm 24 and couldn't get laid, much less get a date, if my life depended on it. FML
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By  bornpatriot  |  11

Considering the kind words you use to describe your father, an ungrateful cunt like you deserves every bit of it. You're 24 and still living with your father. I suggest you work up to get your own place before thinking of getting laid.

  strudelman  |  14

This is always the advice, but I'm afraid it's really not that useful. "Confidence" is far more a personal characteristic than it is something you can consciously choose. Indeed, knowing the importance of confidence, and also that you don't possess it, can result in further insecurity.

By  Vitani_Verci  |  24

Your dad is scum, and the women he's cheating on his girlfriend with are equally scum.
I'd rather be a decent human being than have sex.
Don't worry OP, someone will come along for you.


#28 made a joke that no one seems to have understood. Rather than be a decent human being with no sex, they want to be a decent human being and then have sex.

#28 didn't correct the grammar so much as make a play on words over then/than.

By  Zebediabolical  |  39

"Meanwhile I'm 24 and couldn't get laid, much less get a date..."

If you want sex without a date, find a pro. But personally I find meaningless sex, well.... meaningless.

  Zebediabolical  |  39

"Meanwhile I'm 24 and couldn't get laid, much less get a date, if my life depended on it."

Yes. Some people can get sex without dates. But based on OP's post, OP isn't one of them.

  Tripartita  |  44

I said username, but FML also has nicknames. Usernames cannot contain spaces and are permanent, but nicknames can and are customizable when you write a new FML. Regardless of username, the OP chose the nickname "emancipate my ass" while submitting this story as a 24-year old.

  BobbieH  |  19

It matters because he is 24. No emancipation necessary, just get a job and get out. There's no reason why he has to stay at home at 24 if he doesn't want to. It's up to OP to make his way in the world, starting with not living with his dad if he doesn't want to live with him.