By mintyfresh - 29/10/2009 02:54 - United States

Today, I had to lie to my dentist about how often I brush my teeth. I honestly don't remember the last time I did. FML
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That is actually disgusting. Also, of course YDI. Yuck.

That's really, really gross. My five year old sister knows to brush her teeth every day. That's just ridiculous, and completely unhygienic of you, OP. Dental health equates to overall health, you really should work on the whole dental hygiene thing.


That is actually disgusting. Also, of course YDI. Yuck.

is OP a cannibalistic inbred hillbilly?

Shit and I thought I was bad for telling the dentist I flossed every day when I only do once every 2 days.

honestly i have been known to skip a day or two in between brushes and i've never had a cavity or had to get braces, our ancestors sure as hell didn't brush everyday neither do animals, just chew some gum once in a while. Oh yeah and my dentist still tells me i have perfect teeth every time i go.

Yeah, our ancestors didn't brush everyday..have you ever seen their teeth? Back before the 1900's the chances of you even having teeth was a miracle with how little dental hygiene they had. Can't wait to see you in 10 years, enjoy your dentures after having your rotten yellow teeth pulled

Didn't they have toothbrushes in Ancient China? Or...was it invented in modern day China?

Plus our ancestors didn't eat the crap that we do. Chances are they weren't shoving handfuls of M&M's down their throats.

#144: I agree. Sugar is a relatively new item. Our ancestors ate the shit we should be eating today. Instead, we're eating Twinkies, sugar cubes, Churros, and all sorts of other stuff that literally rots our teeth from the inside out.

Sugar is not "new" cane sugar has been used practically for ever. I think what you mean is that the shity fake stuff is "new" (Splenda, Neutrasweet, etc) Not to mention sugar naturally occurs in almost everything, (glucose, fructose, dextrose, etc)

Christ this is so gross. Your dentist is retarded, I go every three months, use a Sonicare toothbrush three times a day and floss every night and my denstist still swears my teeth are horrible. God I can't get over how absolutely disgusting this is! *gag*

get ur lazy ass up and brush ur effing teeth op.

#101 exactly what I thought, and btw ur not the only one...

haha I know eh what a fucking prick.

get ready to see..: The Big Book Of British Smiles!!'

118 they had em in anchint time god thats spelled wrong

102 that's disgusting. I hope you never date because I feel bad for them dealing with your breath.

That's really, really gross. My five year old sister knows to brush her teeth every day. That's just ridiculous, and completely unhygienic of you, OP. Dental health equates to overall health, you really should work on the whole dental hygiene thing.

i agree! who would wanna kiss u?? :P yucky

That's freaking nasty.

I know I should brush more often... but even I brush my teeth every night before bed! Seriously, I can't sleep if I don't.

But you don't brush them in the morning? Therefore, you have morning breath all day long. You're nasty too. I hope you don't kiss anyone with that yuck mouth.

Annnddd, you're disgusting. Do people leave the room when you enter? That shit should be noxious by now.

Brush your goddamn teeth.

You are an idiot. I hope you get cavities for not brushing

That would sure show him!!! :p

you are one nasty bastard

At least I'm not the only one! Though I should point out I have perfect teeth- no cavities or any such thing. My hygiene is still just as good as everyone else and there is nothing stanky or nasty about my breath. I'm just absolutely awful at remembering to brush my teeth. Everytime I goto the dentist he always says my teeth are perfect so please don't assume that not brushing your teeth regularly leads to any terrible health risk.

99.9% of the time, it does.

Doctors are now finding that failure to brush one's teeth, or even floss, are leading to higher instances of heart disease and other seeming unrelated health problems. Why? Because the bacteria and germs that are not removed from the mouth, and are able to enter the body, affect the body's ability to ward off inflammation. So you might be healthy now (I'm assuming that you are around your 20's or teens, like most FML readers), but everything is interconnected, so brush your goddamn teeth!

That's pretty gross. But smurfaton, that's like my brother. He's got the worst teeth ever (He got grandma's teeth, the poor thing) which would make brushing increasingly difficult, and then I think he eventually just gave up. But he never got cavities or anything, but his breath's smelled a little bad when he breathes in your face. Only now with braces does he brush twice daily. I've always brushed twice daily and have gotten three cavities in my life. Go figure.

Well the more you brush/wash/clean something the more you decrease the natural bacteria your body has that often feed off of the dirt and other crap that you have one you, some people might notice this with hair? Many hair dressers recommend to guys to not wash their hair for 6 weeks and it goes back to normal. Im not entirely sure this works with your teeth, but it also depends on OP's diet as if you eat things high in sugar it allows that bacteria which is bad for your teeth to grow more and thus increase your chance of cavities.

I agree - I have never had any problems with my teeth (no cavities, braces, retainers, bad breath) and I dont brush my teeth as often as I should

lol and I suppose the hairdressers know what they're talking about. ydi though. Interesting though, #47...if its true XD

your hair naturally produces oils to keep it's self protected and clean. If you were to stop washing your hair altogether and just rinsed it with water every time you showered it would be much healthier. Our bodies know what to do without intervention. But not brushing your teeth gives you bad breath.

When you don't brush your teeth you swallow the plack and it can clog up your organs and things

244- ugh, that would make your hair oily as fuck. Everyone, For the sake of common decency please don't take any of these lobcocks' advice. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, shower AT LEAST every other day, if you don't do anything strenuous.

The reason your hair gets super oily when you don't wash it is because your body is trying to replace the healthy natural oils in your hair that get stripped away when you wash it with shampoo/conditioner. Your hair might be super oily at first because your body is frantically overproducing oil in order to replace what's being washed away. After a few weeks the oil production would decrease back to its natural, healthy amount. ??science

Wow. Either you REALLY need to go buy some Listerine, or go see a doctor about your poor memory.