By wheezy - 06/09/2011 02:52 - United States

Today, I had to go to the hospital to get a harmonica removed from my mouth. FML
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alstbv12 13

Sorry to hear...that must blow.

Wtf were you doing with it? Practicing your deepthroating skills?


kwchambers92 10'd you manage that one?

tehaustiebear 34

Practicing the scales a little too fast would do the trick.

Better than having it removed from your ass.

kwchambers92 10

17 you've got a good point

enonymous 8

Happens to me a lot anything penis shaped gets stuck in there.

I'm thinking this said "harmonica" might actually be a massive dildo.

bizarre_ftw 21

All who know of the show house please after reading this refer to the episode in which he is playing with a laser pointer for most of it. (possibly the one with black death in it but I'm not sure so if I'm wrong don't chew me out)

45- your profile info makes me gag. get over yourself. or play with a harmonica. whatever shuts you up..

45 - sorry to burst our little bubble but I'm sure that "hour glass body" of yours is more like the Michelin mans' body ;) ohh.. And your since less bragging makes you ugly.. Ooh! Uglier!! :D

enonymous 8

49 & 53 - Leave her be. Post about the FML.

Wheezy FTW

I think you still need to practice.

if it cant cum out, blow harder

Sounds like you may have bigger personal problems to constitute a FML. Just sayin.

If it can go in it can come out. Shouldn't have been practicing a blow on a harmonica.

I guess op thought it was a harmoricorn from alvin and the chipmunks and tried to eat it

leadman1989 15

But if he did he could form a band with the guy farting on the wind chimes. Booty and the buttholes.

what the hell how did u do that?

alstbv12 13

Sorry to hear...that must blow.

IphonFML 6

lmaoo, I think thats what she was trying to do

don't even try

kwchambers92 10

9 you're a black shirted ass

or suck! (as that also produces a musical noise)

kwchambers92 10

17 you're a black shirted a$$

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Really, 9?! Is that what she was trying to do? Wow... I had no idea. You've enlightened me beyond the slightest degree. Bless you and your intellectual mind!

Could be worse, could have a dick stuck in his mouth.

2, I declare that I saw what you hath done there.

Wtf were you doing with it? Practicing your deepthroating skills?

Who doesn't do that with a harmonica?! Or.. have I been doing it wrong all this time..

hahaha nice one lol

They should give a name to that move. I suggest 'Harmonica Lewinsky'.

KiddNYC1O 20

25- Starting real early, no? You'll be a pro in no time! Your parents will sure be proud.

82 - in my area, 15 is late to start this. They usually start in 8th or 9th.

lexex1 4

25 - you can deepthroat my harmonica anytime.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

94- Go back to the dark alley you came from. Pervert.

103 more like basement

More like big rock.

beastin34 0

they say practice makes perfect

If practice makes perfect, and no one is perfect....why practice? WISDOM FROM THE CRUSTACEAN ERA!

Retard! Who the hell would want to put a harmonica in the mouth. YTDI!!

LaydiexSkull 3

You play the harmonica with your mouth, moron

Yeah, between your lips, not so far shoved up your throat you have to go to the hospital to get it removed, moron.

Number 5 here is doing it wrong.

muchagente 5

i may be a boring person, but i for one like #5's humour.

66 there is no humor, 5 is simply an idiot

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Number 5 likes to shove it up his ass... That's his problem.

So you're a bitch who doesn't know if she likes bananas? Well you'll have time to think about that....ON THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON :trollestia.jpg:

'twas for #56

cali_dude 5

Your supposed to blow, not suck on it.

Actually the correct way to play harmonica is to inhale. Just saying.

bizarre_ftw 21

Hey it's not the first time the ideas of blowing and sucking have gotten confusing ^_^ lol

wiccankitteh 3

39, the correct way of playing a harmonica is to inhale and exhale ._.

kings1fan 6

Should have just left it there! You could have played music whenever you wanted!

bizarre_ftw 21

That's Some dedication to the musical arts

How the f*** did that happen?

reallytho3 11

Some things r better left a mystery

this story is not one of those things

MYkumquatsOWN 1

that's beautiful