By verycherryfucked - 28/04/2013 22:10 - United States - Bronx

Today, I had to go to the hospital for an allergic reaction. Turns out, I'm highly allergic to cherry blossoms. My wife and I just bought a house and moved into a new neighborhood. Almost every block in this neighborhood, including my own, has rows and rows of cherry blossom trees. FML
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At least you'll die in a house with pretty trees

Life needs an undo button.


At least you'll die in a house with pretty trees

Nope, time to put that sucker back on the market

They say when you die sakura saki ( means cherry blossoms bloom )

I shall help you burn them all to the ground.

error404n0tf0und 21

you will have to burn over 9000

It shall be done. I'm just waiting on the ol energy reserves to peak.

whiteboy896 9

Yes, lets let OP burn what they're allergic to. That way when OP breathes it in they will for sure die!

error404n0tf0und 21

he has a point

Life needs an undo button.

Neyuu 18

I'll undo YOUR button.

Part of me wonders how did you not find out sooner, but the blossoms are only just starting over here.

I'm not sure of this, but I think OP is allergic to the flower and not the tree by itself. Maybe OP bought the house when it wasn't in bloom like it should be at this season.

hamrtym 15

Don't worry. When times get hard, just take a minute to stop and smell the roses.

Don't you checkout the house before you buy it

They could've checked out the house before they blossomed

kittykat1501 31

He didn't know he was allergic."turns out, I'm highly allergic to cherry blossoms"

Wizardo 33

Time for another mortgage and to move out in the name of your health OP, it'll be tough but its better than dying...

bamagrl410 31

Or just time to get a prescription allergy medicine

and just like that...a house went up for sale

And nothing was amiss when you first visited the house?? I'd think someone would notice it before buying the house

Cherry blossom trees don't flower all year round bud.

Never said they did bud. But the thought is "wouldn't you want to see a house when it would look good" I.e. when they're blooming

Not really a good point. Person 1: oh wow. What a beautiful house! It has a great view, a pool, and a huge yard! Person 2: no,honey. This house is amazing but I just have to wait until spring! Maybe we should just wait like 2 months so we can see those beautiful cherry blossoms. Person 1: yea ok, you're right. The house is actually a total dump now that you put it that way. Cherry blossoms tottallly make a house worth buying. Now does that scenario seem normal to you?

You can't just wait a few seasons to make sure the blossoms look nice enough when buying a house. The market is bad, but not THAT bad.

I meant it like this: they wait to START looking, not just look, then be like "oh let's wait months" I mean, I know I'm stupid, but come on guys I'm not THAT stupid

xStaciexLynnx 15

I also think real estate tends to be lower in cooler months because most people put houses up for sale in warmer months (because people tend to move out in warmer months if they're planning a move) so if a house is on the market into the winter its probably come down in price at least a little.

finch01 18

u think u would know this by the time u could buy a house. better buy some stock and benadryl.