By Catherine / Monday 23 May 2011 19:33 / United States
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  atomicbaboon  |  0

duh! you think the wheel was made to make moving things easier?? NO! it was made by some genius economist who knew he could make a quick buck... or in this case, shell or whatnot.

  CryMoreFMLs  |  14

I creep on newbies.

Welcome to FML. Enjoy your stay, don't piss KaySL off for the love of god, and feel free to pick on gayboii.

The cake is a lie, we only have pie. Sorry.

  kc1997kc  |  9

What is with the freaking blond jokes? I am a blond and bet I have a much higher IQ than any of the idiotic immature miscreants who say rude things like that!

  ugliness  |  6

learn to laugh at yourself, I learned to laugh at Ginger jokes and the Scottish part in rwj's stereotype song, you should be able to accept insulting humour

  iEnvade  |  2

Miscreants... lol. And no one here cares how blonde OR smart you are. If you have such a high IQ why aren't you out finding a cure for cancer? Back in the kitchen, bitch!

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