By Shauna - / Thursday 8 November 2012 11:09 / United States
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  onlychildFTW  |  33

I guess the daughter didn't think of parent teacher interviews either. OPs daughter isn't great at making excuses. Never say a parent died, parents are too involved for it to work.

  AzNbABe69  |  0

That was pretty ballsy of her! And I thought I used a lot of great fake excuses to get out of school but never once thought of that one! Maybe it would've worked out if she had brought a "note" from the dad. I know I was a master at writing excuse notes with my moms signature. Sorry that your daughter is a little crazy OP and hopefully your wife didn't beat her ass! Lol

  AzNbABe69  |  0

Why would the teacher whip her ass? I didn't know that school teachers were allowed to spank their students. If for some reason they are allowed to spank their students, then I'm sure glad I'm not in school anymore. And plus I think I would be pretty f'ing pissed if my child came home and said her teacher whipped her ass! I predict many lawsuits if that were to ever be allowed.

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