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By  redbluegreen  |  40

If your mom bought the lasagna to save money, paying for counselling due to a single event like passing up dinner is a bit of a stretch. Unless your mom has completely lost it, there must've been something going on sometime before for her to come to the conclusion that you have an eating disorder.

  jearojas  |  4

yeah, that definitely sucks, I don't blame you though. I also hate frozen dinners.

  KSants7  |  0

wow... my mom did the same thing, but it was with this homemade tuna salad she made with tomato juice instead of mayonnaise x( it was discusting and I didn't eat for 2 days cuz that's what we ate for lunch and dinner (I snacked, and breakfast) she accused me of starving myself and we had a 3 hr talk..


42/OP: FML because your fam cares about your well-being? Gotta say YDI here; how hard is it to just eat a pb&j or something at dinner to set your mom's mind at ease?! My mom, dad, mother-in-law, AND husband all nag me about food because I have a naturally high metabolism and can get malnourished PDQ. My parents are especially bad; since my sibling has a history of eating disorders, we all know what kind of hell it can be, and how easy it is to develop. So you know what I do? I eat SOMETHING in front of them at every meal. Not hard, really.

  americuzz  |  8

wait, why didn't your mom just buy you something else?? to me it sounds like she was trying to save money and thus she bought you something nasty for a couple of dollars, But she is spending some hundred dollars on a counselor?!?! Anyone else see a problem with this??

@OP : FYL:(

  BananaSticker  |  0

The books are definitely better than the movie.
It was such a huge disappointment to wait months to see it, thinking it was going to be as great as the book, then watch it and it's crap.

I do love Kristen, though. :]
Taylor's hot, but definitely not my type.

  usnwife  |  18

that'd only make things worse... at least by going she can prove she doesn't have a problem and drop it, but refusing to go will only make her mother think it's even worse than she does now.

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

You're missing a trick, OP. Quickly explain that you don't have an eating disorder and then just talk about how your mum jumps to snap conclusions and stuff.
Or tell your mum that and see if she listens and doesn't make you go.