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Today, I had to go to a birthday party for 10 year old triplets. They've all been dead for more than 9 years. FML
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my friends parents invite us all over for their daughters birthday to hang out and remember her, when she died 7 years ago, they do it every year.


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I saw a story like this on the news recently. Btw I heard nerf guns are the cool toys these days.

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Hey "bob" maybe he was just shocked at the fml u don't have to go attacking him about it.

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466- it's her right to post a comment whether you like it or not, whether you think it's stupid or not. I realize this one is years old but people like you annoy me

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I know right this is one of those fml's that really just creeps me out!

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I get that some people have their own issues and maybe the parents haven't moved on from their children's deaths, however, they shouldn't be dragging other people into it. I'd honestly be incredibly creeped out if someone I knew, whether it was family or not, invited me to a birthday party for someone that's been long dead.

Maybe the FML is not that OP didn't feel like going, but that they're depressed by it, and/or knew the triplets very well, i.e. they were his brothers/cousins/et cetera.

25 - if they were 10 year old triplets who have been dead for over 9 years, they must've died before they even turned 1. Therefore, it is highly illogical that op could have been depressed because he "knew them well." And plus, if they were his siblings I'm sure he would've mentioned that.

It's not because the parents haven't moved on, that they have the right to force people to attend a creepy birthday party. I think it's pretty sad the parents can't let it go. Someone here said that they might gave that party to remember them, but let us be honest, the children died when they were one. The only thing you can remember is how cute and innocent they were, it's not like you can talk about their personalities, interests...

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um.... not true. my brother died at 4 months old and he had his own personality. he was a very happy and enthusiastic baby. and for those who say that parents should be over it in 10 years... no one ever gets over losing their baby. also think about how these parents had their babies for a whole year before they passed. they would have grown and started walking and talking a little. how can you say they wouldn't have any personality. this isn't like a miscarriage. I'm pregnant wih my first at 26 weeks and is be deviatated I'd I lost my little man.... forever. just think about that.

respect isn't what OP needed to be it's just weird that OP was invited to this party. But you will not truly understand what it is like until u lose one of ur own

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#56 You're a ****** idiot, it said the children have been dead for 9 years, they were 10. Obiviously they had 1 birthday..

I understood that the kids were 10 when then died, and they've been dead for over 9 years, totaling 19 years of existence.

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I just want to point out that nowhere in this fml does it say they were one year old when they died. it said they had been dead for 9 years, that's all.

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oops, nvm. ha, I can just imagine all the thumbs down I'll have in about 5 mins.

idk how or why #30 gets thumbs ups n #60 gets thumbs downs it's clear that op says they were 10 year old triplets who died ten years ago....idk about you people, but once someone dies, u stop counting their that means that they were ten when they died and it's been 9 yrs since they n digest the FML before running to conclusions and making stupid ass comments about how the triplets should be 1 coz simple math says 10-9= 1

that's kinda what I was thinking...

that was in reference to 73 comment

usnwife 18

but to keep celebrating birthday parties leads one to believe they are still counting... if it were a death-day/remembrance party then yes, stop counting if they are dead, but not a birthday party. the way its worded could go either way though, imo. I find this very sad that the parents are still having such a hard time. I know it is truly horrible and don't expect them to ever get over it, but inviting people to a birthday party is much...

The parents need immediate counseling. OP's mistake was in going, so YDI.

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op said ten year old triplets that have been dead for nine years. I doubt they knew them if they were one when try died

I love how ironic your name is with the comment you posted.

56-sorry to hear that 60-dw i will be celebrating your death aswell

that's what she said dumbass! that they had the children for a whole year before they passed. therefore, yes. they had one birthday. May want to read things once or twice before commenting rudely. YOUR SIR, are the ******* idiot.

133- You said "your sir, are the ******* idiot." That should be YOU. Jussayin.

fadingfaith 4

It said op was going to a birthday party to celebrate their 10th birthday, meaning that if they were alive they would be turning 10. They been dead for 9 years, so they died when they were 1. I don't understand how you got 19 if op clearly states she going to a birthday party for "10" year old triplets.

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one of my best friends died of cancer a couple years ago and we still celebrate her birthday. it's not like a huge birthday party but it's just kinda a way to remember her. I see where the parents would be coming from but a huge party isn't the way to go about it though.

shadows17 0

that doesn't matter you idiot. let's see you lose 3 babies u loved at once and see how you handle it. That is if you're just not a mother with no compassion whatsoever already

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how in the **** would that total 19 years of existence? If they were 10, and they had been dead 9 years, it implies that they died at one.. not ten. so I seriously hope you were being sarcastic because if not, then that's stupid.

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deviatated? nice word preggo

What the hell #4, you stole my picture :O

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on my birthday I get a birthday card that is "signed" by my dead cousin. she's been dead for like 4 years or something. Maybe I'm just an asshole, but come on move on. feel sorrow and find someone new to fill the whole in your life that was taken from you. I still find it surprising that the thing that happens to everyone of us is still hated and people are still scare of it. I don't want to die, but I don't fear it. I will see my family and be with god.

the fml CLEARLY states they were dead for MORE than nine years, so there was no first birthday party when they were alive, but who knows how long the parents have been having these death/birthday parties

ur dumb it's been nine years get over it

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how is ten years not enough sure it's their child but thats a little too long maybe 4 or 5 at most

SceneRaver 0

well given you name you obviously have problems letting go so speak for yourself

so your saying if you had kids you wouldn't know them after a year of having them?

it should be you sir! not your sir.. ****** idiot!!!

Ot said a party for 10 year old triplets who have been dead for 9 years therefore they would have been around one at their time of death

#76 - it clearly says that they're celebrating their 10th birthday and they died around 9 years ago. if you did the math, clearly they would have passed away when they were 1 year old

A bit ironic how your username is "NeverLetGo".

kelemen 2

At least one of you are smart...

I'm sorry but are you saying letting go of one lost family should be easy? Let alone three babies? C'mon.

I understand when parents have a tough time letting go, but this is on a very high magnitude here...

I don't understand why they would still be having birthday parties... what do they do with the gifts.

cest_moi_baybee 1

you're so disrespectful.

iloveyouxx121 0

thankyou I think so to I bet it wasn't a birthday party with cakes and candles it was probably just a day to remember them for there 10th birthday normal people wouldn't make a fml about it

a_nutritionist 10

@65 normal people get annoyed by being forced to go to any birth/death anniversary. the word forced was used for a reason here, because not everyone believes that this should be an event others attend. if you want to have your own private get together then fine, but if someone is being made to go then i can completely understand why theyd be annoyed enough to post about it.

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where is the word forced used anywhere in this? because I'm not seeing it...?

Heliol 8

186 read the FML again - "Today, I HAD to go" that means they were forced to go.

tpiper2852 0

had to go doesn't always mean forced actually....

a_nutritionist 10

@186 lol my mistake. "had to go" was used for a reason. better? the point doesnt change, the words had to go imply they didnt want to, otherwise it would be "i went to". obvious **** up on my end. point still valid.

they mean they had to go because they were invited and it would be disrespectful to refuse

Thank you 163. they really should just move on. 9 years. I'm surprised they haven't killed themselves

my friends parents invite us all over for their daughters birthday to hang out and remember her, when she died 7 years ago, they do it every year.

Heliol 8

While it is sweet to do stuff like that for someone you've lost some people don't handle anything dealing with death well. I'm guessing the OP is one of those people, especially if it's for someone they feel they barely knew. They probably are the type of person to try to move on and not think about it because it upsets or unnerves them.

My husband and I light a candle for the child we lost in a miscarrage every year. It was my only pregnancy and have been unable to concieve since.

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