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By  Royness  |  8

Sounds kind of shitty, but this is after I had a surgery were I had to have my nipples regrafted...which means they were cut off and sewn on again. There is bandaging over them, but imagine runners chafe (without bandages) x 10 everytime you move. Something like that.

Try to focus on something to let the time go by, 24 hours is not too bad.

By  yeongji  |  31

EKG device as in the Holter Monitor for 24 hours, correct? If so, I have had it done for 48 hours before and the best thing to do is tape down a small section of some of the wires to prevent this. By doing so, it also prevents the wire from getting tangled and makes them look less visible under your clothing. Just remember to use tape that is meant for the skin since they are easy to remove and decreases the chances of getting rashes.