By anonymous - 05/09/2012 13:51 - Australia - Mittagong

Today, I had to give a speech as part of my campaign for school captain. I was rather happy with it and so I told another candidate my speech. Apparently it was a good idea as minutes later that same candidate stole my entire speech, leaving me looking like a complete idiot. FML
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...What did you expect to happen?

If your competitor has the capability of memorising your entire speech after hearing it once, he probably deserved to win.


...What did you expect to happen?

Well obviously for the other candidate to appluad op's speech and to bow out of the election. What else could happen?

Do your speech anyway, you at least have a hard copy. They plagiarized your shit, so they would probably be kicked out of the running.

You didn't have a non-candidate friend, family member or even a pet you could practice on? I'm sorry that happened, but you kind of deserved it...

Ahh politics. You should never give your stuff away. It should be secret until given so that that won't happen. You should work him stealing your speech into your speech.

Wow, your opponent has already taken on the persona of a true politician. Bravo.

Not everything is the same as in America, it's in Australia. Hell, we don't even use the metric system like most other countries do.

Samandra 4

47- Americans don't use the metric system much either. Except for like, drinks. And in science classes.

Well, I'm not australian. And the lack of officially using the metric system would be in reference to ourselves, the U.S.

I guess OP expected a politician to act honestly. Best that it happens in school, because you only expect it once.

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should have put them on the spot when you gave your speech.

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I can relate, once in 1 grade my 'best friend' coppied the way I drew a frog and turtle so I ripped her paper in half! Okay, maybe I can't realate..

Give Napoleon Dynamite a call, he knows how to captivate a school crowd.

I see what you did there

Politics I tell you!

Reminds me of the movie The Girl Next Door

hahahah that's a shame!

SenselessPattern 12

Your comment? Yep.

That was just low on their part. FYL… but why did you tell the other candidate your speech?

If your competitor has the capability of memorising your entire speech after hearing it once, he probably deserved to win.

twaumat 28

lol well put! haha

#7: It's easy to memorize a speech; I've done it before. I was coached on a speech once and I basically regurgitated it back out. Just pay attention to the main points and you can BS your way through the rest. :)

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My thoughts exactly. Who tells another candidate the ENITRE speech before the actual speech in the first place? And who on earth can remember that speech word for word after only hearing it once?

Doc - that, or the speech was actually really simple, and not something to be all that proud of. Welshite - Being coached on a speech is different from being read a speech. You knew you were going to have to remember and recite that speech, and probably did it right away. OP's competitor didn't know beforehand that the speech would be worth remembering and stealing, and had to wait a few minutes, while hearing other speeches.

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Why would you do that??? Common sense should have said to keep your speech to yourself and not brag about it, especially to someone running against you... Idiot.

Common sense isn't so common anymore.

32- But using that line sure is

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You shouldn't have told your rival your speech. Dumbass.

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NEVER show the other team your game plans. YDI

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I agree... Op just trolled him/her(self) Lmao.

YDI, completely. What kind of idiot tells their competitor what they are going to say?

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