By screwed - 20/03/2014 21:03 - United States - Amarillo

Today, I had to give a deposition ahead of a trial in which my former boss is accused of fraud. I'm not a smart man, and I smoked a joint before heading out to try to calm my nerves. I got way too high and ended up giggling like an idiot through half the deposition. FML
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well maybe next time you'll think twice before jeopardizing something important like that. there are so many ways to calm your nerves rather than smoking weed so you completely deserve this one

... Yeah, you deserved it...


I was first to judge you

... Yeah, you deserved it...

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If only there was some kind of button to express that opinion

Your eyes are looking a little glazed..tehehe your honor..

Oh come on #3 people say that every time.

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Can't be worse than Bieber's.

i want to know what kind of idiot smokes a joke before going to court. whether he's the one on trial or not.

#85- I'm guessing a pretty big idiot

well maybe next time you'll think twice before jeopardizing something important like that. there are so many ways to calm your nerves rather than smoking weed so you completely deserve this one

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Your username... your goddamn username.

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At least he didn't order a pizza and have or delivered to the court room...

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Who in the world goes to a government building on the influence of drugs? God damn I hope you got caught.

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#131, your living up to your username pretty well.

as someone who may have, on occasion, calmed nerves with a joint....even I think you're an idiot coz there ARE so many OTHER ways. Christ, I'd even go so far to say you have a drug problem, mate. YDI x

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What did you think was going to happen?

Probably that it would calm his nerves, just a toss up. And as for OP, I would recommend taking things of that nature a little more seriously. Besides, nerves can be a good thing when it comes to presentation.

5, it doesn't seem there was much thinking involved at all...

The OP was thinking they were just going to smoke enough to calm down. There are a lot of people out there that smoke enough to be able to do so without getting blazed. Even if the consequences were pretty severe the OP did express that it was a mistake on his part.

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At least you realize you're a bleeding idiot... I mean I have no issues with lighting up now and then but how could you think it's a good idea to get baked before going somewhere you're gonna be surrounded by law enforcement..?

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It is a problem, even if it is in a place like Colorado or Washington. I live in Colorado, and the law is that weed is legal only in a private home area. Just like alcohol, one with any sense wouldn't show up somewhere important drunk. And, how do you think he got there? He could have driven while under the influence, which is a huge problem in the US.

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I don't judge people that smoke, but how do you have a job while others are clean and jobless?

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XIceBlueX 21

We'll since it's still illegal in most states and showing up hot for anything in a drug test terminates your chance of employment for some companies, yeah, it's safe to assume you can't be one. Not saying some people can't function, but OP isn't helping with getting people okay with legalization.

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Hey apparently you can't be the mayor without smoking crack here too

I just think it's bullshit that you have to pass a drug test to get a job, but not to get on welfare.

@48 So your logic is, because someone needs help with a problem that they don't have means to fix themselves, they don't deserve help? It is A vastly different situation, to break a destructive cycle with help from outside, than alone from inside. I don't believe it's as simple as "I need money. 'Okay, here's your cheque, sir'" The system can be improved for sure, but it's my understanding that social programs do a lot more good than some people corrupting the system to support bad habits, could ever do. If you don't like it there's always other countries, with different policies.

So you want them to waste tax payer's money on weed?

71 - I'm assuming you meant to reply to me, despite your incorrect number. My issue with this is that a "drug problem" is a problem brought on by that person themselves. They CHOSE to try drugs. My issue is not with welfare itself. No one chooses to make less money than needed to survive. I bet if all those druggies taking welfare money STOPPED FUCKING DOING DRUGS, they'd be able to afford more essentials, and even get a job. I've met far too many people using welfare to support their habit of buying drugs and not working. I can't tell you how many people have approached me outside of a gas station and asked if they could use their food stamps to buy my stuff, in exchange for money (guess what for??) If I have to pass a drug test to get a job to give MY money to the welfare system, you best fucking believe I demand that those people be held to the same standards.

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I think the main thing is that OP has a job that requires his mind to be clear so he can think quickly. Weed doesn't help that. OP is also surrounded by law enforcement officials in a courthouse so unless it is legal where they are it was a bad move.

I agree, 49. I have to let someone WATCH me piss into a cup for a drug test so I can EARN my government pay check, and no one bitches about violations of my privacy. I don't think it's too much to ask of people to prove they won't be wasting other people's money on something that will destroy them to get a free hand out.

I'm sure your uncle is really going to appreciate you publicly posting that, #10.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

that just seemed like a really dumb move op..what the heck were you thinking? if a situation is bad, the LAST thing you want to do is consume/ ingest mind-altering substances.

What about prescription medication? Someone could have just as easily taken a little too much of their prescribed Xanax and ended up slurring like a drunken idiot. Yet, a lot if people wouldn't be able to even do this without some kind of anxiety medication. I do agree that it was a poor choice on his part, but not all mind altering substances are bad or should never be taken.

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Really? Does sound like even a remotely good idea?! I mean comment sense people....

Llama_Face89 33

That would be a good reply to #2

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Actually, 13, some FMLers lack comment sense as well!

What exactly is comment sense?

This seems like it was completely your fault. What did you think was going to happen?

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Hey, at least you weren't giggling during a murder trial. Fraud is far more hysterical. :-p

Oh yeah fraud is "hysterical." He just stole other peoples money by lying and cheating. No biggy it's "hysterical."

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Someone doesn't understand sarcasm...