By BrillianceSucks - 05/04/2013 00:10 - Canada

Today, I had to give a 15-minute presentation for a conference. I hadn't had the time to write out a proper speech so I decided to just wing it. My sponsor liked my presentation so much he wants me to turn it into an article. Now if only I could remember what I said. FML
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You just winged a speech, just wing the article too.

You winged it once you can wing it again!


You just winged a speech, just wing the article too.

Don't fail use now OP!

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#3, I didn't quite get that. "Fail use" of what?

He meant fail US =/

So he meant to tell OP not to fail the United States? :D

34 Stop being so sassy!

Yeah 34, don't be so sassy because capslockisgood!

40: So is the space bar.

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Actually, #3 has "failed use" of proper English.

I think 40 was making a joke (referencing to 39's username) and I actually found it quite funny! Is my sense of humour strange or did others not realise...?

You winged it once you can wing it again!

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And gain admission into the "Book of Love!"

Or admit that you were coming down of a meth bender, don't remember a damn thing, and you weren't even sure you were wearing any pants let alone remember the speech. You'll both laugh and he'll forgive you.

I don't think that's how it works 43 he would probably get suspended for awhile and go through drug screening. Pretty sure even if he's joking they have to do something about it.

Well... try asking the people that heard it maybe? Explain what happened. I'm sure they'll understand... I hope. Either way, I'm sure you'll be alright.

Too bad it wasn't recorded.

Maybe someone did? OP should ask around and see if anyone has a recording.

Perhaps, it is best to just admit you were overtaken by minute inspiration due to your deep fascination with the subject. If you sell it right, it might sound even more impressive. If that fails, you can at least find comfort in how talented and skilled you are! Public speaking ranks as a number one fear, above even death, you know :)

In-fucking-deed, death gets bumped up to my wishlist in the face of public speaking.

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Perhaps you should become an impromptu speaker. You'd be making some handsome quids just for speaking off the top of your head. :)

I think you can redo it again! If you can BS it off the top of your head, think of what you can do actually trying

If you could make up a speech without any preparation whatsoever during a presentation and your sponsor like it, then I'm sure you can do it in an article.

Just wing it and hope :)