By DamnTornadoAlley / Thursday 30 August 2012 05:55 / United States - Wichita Falls
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  PrincessPesa  |  20

Hey Doctor Hook, I have no problem dating myself. I have great taste in music, love great food and humor, and I'm incredible in the sack. I also have a tight 25 yr old (that's right!) body- but I'm still a bit too petite to properly stick a flute up my pussy. Alas.

  Bullpine  |  11

In the bathrooms at my school, there are no windows and the walls are made out of concrete with steel beams in the ceiling. If OP's school is like mine than it would probably give adequete protection.


My friend always walks to a nearby stadium if he needs to take a shit during school time because the bathrooms there are much cleaner. It also makes him 20 minutes late to class most of the time, but at least he doesn't have to deal with other students hearing him.