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Today, I had to explain to my neighbor that not all black people are lactose intolerant. His eyes still bulge out every time I eat cheese. FML
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Where does that even come from?

Ignorance, don't ya love it? I do.


Ignorance, don't ya love it? I do.

N9ne_ZxxZxxZ_ 3

I think there is a fine line between ignorance and being an douche, and this guy crossed it

I didn't even know this was a racial stereotype, kind of a strange one too.

Why not have both..?!

jeez, really? people are still like that out there? and he'd assume I'm going to get herpes and AIDS and eventually get morbidly obese with diabetes by 30 and have 5 kids by 25 because I'm blonde and female. one things for sure-- he'll be expecting us both to be killer sandwhich makers and get agoraphobic if we leave the kitchen. step one, OP, we should band up and stake out in the neighbors-behind-him's backyard and study his habits, daily rituals, commit them to perfect memory and start trolling his house. like, throw flaming bags of shit through the window at the exact time daily he opens one... also, we should glue ebergizer-powered vibrators of embarrassing style all over his vehicle, that sounds good... and I feel like getting a bulk supply of eggs. I don't know what we'll use them for exactly, but something tells me eggs will come in handy. you in?

Hey, I had a science class with a guy who legitimately thought black people had different 'insides' than white people. Like different colored blood and organs and what not.

xStaciexLynnx 15

80- too far, way too far. And I've never heard any of those stereotypes just for being blonde...

n_epic_fail 14

I'm black... And thought this was funny as hell...

@94 - the internet knows no bounds. besides, you'll have to understand that my friend has been on "the art of trolling" all day and I guess my last comment is bona fide evidence that ... well, damned shit brainwashed me :/ IT'S TAKING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER NOT TO SAY IT... "U MAD BRO? " GAAAAAAH!!!!

Speaking of ignorance...does anyone here realize we're the only mammals that drink the milk from another species? That we drink cow's milk because they're docile and produce in abundance? That cow's milk in its raw, unpasteurized state is not good for us and can make us ill? That in nature, animals wean their young from milk by rejecting them in order to teach them to find nourishment? That not every culture is as milk driven as we are? That a whole lot of people are lactose intolerant or sensitive because our bodies aren't designed for long term milk drinking? That the skeletons of our ancestors before the days of cow milk reflect very little osteoporosis? I fully expect to be "thumbed down" for this, but before anyone spews about ignorance, try looking at the scientific journals documenting that milk from our mothers is necessary in infancy only. Lactose intolerance and tolerance DOES have a lot to do with heritage and our bodies evolving to accept milk. Think about it. Would you drink cat/dog/horse/rat/raccoon/etc. milk? We're socialized to accept milk as good and necessary. Nature...NATURE says otherwise.

monnanon 13

I have said this myself. Why oh why we think milk is great i will never know. it isn't even that great for calcium. Cow. goat and I think sheep are the three milks we drink in adulthood but ask most to drink human milk in adulthood and they throw a hairy fit. Weird wierd world we live in. On saying that I dont think i could do without cheese which we wouldnt have without our weird obsession with milk.

The USDA lobbied relentlessly to have dairy incorporated into the American food pyramid and health literature. A major cause of osteoporosis is actually a lack of exercise.

aaahhhfire21 0

127- thanks for the bio/history lesson but it's all common knowledge not trying to insult u cause ur pretty cute. Oh and special thanx to Louise pasteure for making that amazing shit drinkable I love milk and cheese. Never heard of the stereotype of black ppl being lactose intolerant tho imma ask some my black friends and see cause ive confirmed a few as follows: Grape soda they love that shit Watermelon they love that shit too Fried chicken goes without saying who doesnt love fried chicken Fried chicken and waffles well duh two awesome foods together

MerrikBarbarian 9

127- raw milk is not bad for you. If you drink milk, assuming its from a small farm and not a factory farm full of animals pumped full of hormones and antibiotics... Raw milk is actually healthier than pasteurized. Raw milk being banned is a lot more about corporate interests and keeping the little guy out then our health, just as an FYI.

Did she dieded?

jasmine1259 2

155- Asking your 2 black friends doesn't "confirm" anything. I'm black and I hate grape soda, well pretty much grape flavored anything. Oh and believe it or not I don't like fried chicken. It's too greasy and fattening.

#155 Your ignorance is showing, you might want to cover that up. I'm Black and I hate watermelon with a passion. I don't like grape anything really, grape is just a nasty flavor to me...fried chicken is okay, but I don't love it. Stop stereotyping, it's extremely ignorant.

But this guy thought only black people were

127-Many (dogs, cats, etc.) animals will happily lap up milk. They just lack the ability. Being at the top of the food chain has certain advantages. Food developed along side cultures. Certain cultures adapted and adapted to a ready source of nutrients. Being able to digest that source of nutrients certainly seems like an advantage over others that cannot. I'm not going to say that this makes those cultures superior though.

30- Not only am I mad at you for being a Brony, but what in hell are you talking about?

Tobias5505 0

I'm not going to drink mild from other humans. I feel like if other animals would drink milk as adults like humans, they wouldn't want to dø it from animals of there own kind. This comment is going to come back and bite me in the ass.

hklum53 1

don't even know if this statistic is reliable. I'm a black African and I lived in an African country for almost all of my life. Most African families , including adults are able to drink milk without any negative effects. I have only met one lactose intolerant African in my life.

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Ignorance is bliss

See i thought since you have +35 it was worth reading your small novel but it wasn't. It was just boring and dumb and told me thing my 9th grade bio teacher explained already.

I knew a russian girl who actually thought black people had an extra muscle for running. Lolol people are so damn ignorant

Inediblepeaches 15

1- I LOVE your profile pic. On an unrelated topic...

Stfu and go drink a glass of soy milk

Yeah milk is unnatural! *sips coke* and god knows anything cave men didnt eat is bad for u! (steak, yogurt, clean water, pizza, almost all vegetables, corn, bread, and juice) The thing is no other animal cooks food. Should we not? No other animal does math either. This wud be a bad time to start acting like dogs... It is the modern age we have protein powder for our physical health and omega 3s for our mental health. We take millions of health supplements daily and live longer than ever. We can now eat bacon without contracting a plague so i say progress is progress. Milk is healthy and, though more humans are lactose intolerant than know it, it is healthy and tastes good.

AssassinBug 15

Yeah, but I sure love gorgonzola!

Where does that even come from?

Well ya see, milk um...alright I have no idea where I'm going with this.

I have known quite a few people of Asian descent who were lactose intolerant, but nobody of African descent.

I'm going on a leg here and suggest it came from an ignoramus' mouth?

I don't believe that's even a common racial stereotype, I'm pretty sure his neighbor just has an IQ of about 4.

It's actually a common stereotype. Some studies I've seen after googling it say lactose intolerance affects about 75% of African-Americans doesn't come from nowhere.

Marcella1016 31

It's not exactly a stereotype...I've read somewhere that a lot of black people are simply because their ancestors (Africans) didn't drink much milk, so their systems aren't really as developed for it, as oppose to Europeans, who historically drank a lot of it. Based on what someone said above I guess it is the same with Asians, not much milk in their diets historically. On another note, thank God I'm not lactose intolerant. I'd hate to go through life with no milk, ice cream, pizzas, I couldn't even enjoy a cheeseburger. Sorry for you, OP.

It's actually 90% of African Americans that's lactose intolerant.

81-No. That's like saying "Well, saying all black people like watermelon isn't really stereotypical, because their ancestors blah blah blah ignorance blah blah." It's still a stereotype, regardless. Not all black people are lactose intolerant. Period. End of story.

MiniNyn 5

103- Liking a type of food and the way your body processes a type of food are incomparable. Wise up please.

Hitdude - read a little further down in the comments where I address this. The ability to produce lactase and metabolise lactose past infancy is a relatively recent development in humans. No other mammal has this ability, and many human populations don't either. It isn't a stereotype - it's true that up to 90% of some populations, including OP's, are lactose intolerant.

#32 in reply to ur username, 'Lu hokkien lang'

115-are there any lactose intolerant Italians then? They love cheese in their diet, so it would make sense that they aren't intolerant. Italians, I would love your feedback too if you know anyone who is.

Im half italian and have some lactose intolerance from my dads side (the italian side)

Im half italian and im somewhat lactose intolerant from my dads side (the italian side)

Broccoli - There is less lactose in cheese than in milk. I'm lactose intolerant and can't drink milk, but I can eat cheese 'till the cows come home. So to speak.

TheyCallMeDamien 17

It depends on a person's ancestry. Lactose intolerance is fairly common. Some African groups handle milk just fine which are usually pastoral ethnic groups. And when you're talking about African Americans there are varying degrees of European genetic admixture as well. Not all Europeans are lactose tolerant. The closer you get to Scandinavian areas the higher the tolerance. And as someone stated earlier it has more to do with adapting to a particular area. Colder regions have more trouble growing crops so during harsh winters they subsisted with dairy products and meat. In North America Native Americans tend to be lactose intolerant because they descend from people who did not eat dairy products at all. They've done studies that show Native Hawaiians tend to be healthier with they stick with a traditional Hawaiian diet because again the American diet is based off European standards which is less compatible with their digestive systems. In a nutshell Black folks being lactose intolerant is not surprising however there are plenty who can digest dairy to the point it's not uncommon.

141- BIG WORDS AND LONG PARAGRAPHS MAKE MY BRAIN HURT!!!! But I'm going on a leg to say that not just Africans are lactose intolerant or that many different people are? I don't know which.

jasmine1259 2

This is stupid. In black, my whole family is black, about a third of my friends are black, and none of us are lactose intolerant. Saying something like 90 percent of blacks are, is just ridiculous.

No Jasmine, it's called a statistic. Your family obviously has the gene that causes lactase persistence. Most black families don't. For every black family that has it, there will be 9 that don't. It's nothing derogatory, so calm down. I'm not black, yet I'm lactose intolerant.

Kn0wledge123 21

I think it could be an ethnic thing as well. I'm from the west indies (Haiti) and I don't know of any Haitians who are lactose intolerant. No Jamaicans either. Dairy is a daily part of our diet. Many dishes even demand it.

141-I tried to thumb up your comment, I really did! But it's just too damn long!

It actually has more to do with that not a whole lot grows in northern europe so the people there had to evolve to handle dairy or they would starve. The rest of the world didn't really have that problem so not being able to break down lactose never became a problem.

I was gonna ask the same thing...

Some people here believe that acknowledging that there are different races is in itself racist.

Bravo 116 you got it... But who I really am shall remain a mystery... Le eh shuo zai leh? Sg, hk, Taiwan, china?

JustStella 28

@Knowledge, yup, I'm Haitian, too, and I know my mom and sister are lactose intolerant. No one else in my family is, though. I find it really interesting that it is prevalent within African Americans.... Now I won't be able to stop thinking about this.

QueenPersephone 9

There is an evolutionary explanation for this people. Most people on the planet stop producing lactase when they are young so they can no longer break down lactose. If your ancestors depended on dairy to survive the populations they were from adapted tolerance (those without the mutant gene died, so it became more common). Some people in Africa depend on dairy, most don't. Most people of European descent do.

Wtf I was right. Why was I thumbed down? I bet it was my grammar.

White chicks, I bet...

This is why I don't like FML. People argue and insult people over NOTHING. I had to grammar-fy my comment too so you closed minded people won't find something else to complain about that's besides the point. So angry.

missababgaga 19

I've been recently re-diagnosed as Lactose intolerant, and it absolutely sucks. Especially since I've always enjoyed dairy growing up. Thank goodness there are lactose enzyme supplement pills out there!

Nederlander95 14

Alleged_cranium's right, those of Asian descent tend to be lactose intolerant more often

Some people can be a little intolerant...but this guy's just ignorant. :)

Whatever you do, don't get that bastard drunk before he starts believing black people can fly too. Smh, smh...

I see what you did there...

Some People have the strangest stereotypes about us.

TheBonzaiGirl 0

?Black people are the most tolerant people ever! Even of lactose"

gurly98 13

No kiddi g

Wait . . . you mean black people CAN'T fly?

Seriously, I got moderated? My comment was pretty blatantly sarcastic and one look at my profile will tell you I'm also black. I don't actually believe black people can fly. -_-

Nope but when they jump it looks like there flying

skyeyez9 24

I read that it is unusual for people to be able to digest cow's milk and dairy after a certain age. And that lactose intolerance is the norm. Humans were meant to consume human breast milk as babies not from a cow and that's the reason so many people are lactose intolerant to dairy.

I'm probably not the only one who doesn't give two fucks

Can't tell if Trolling, or just stupid. >_>

Can't it be neither? It's pretty much true, even if nobody cares.

Someone give him a cookie

You must be retarded. Cows were only domesticated 8,000 years ago. There is no way we would be able to consume dairy like its no big deal.

*gives number 4 a cookie* ^.^

Schizomaniac 24

Look up the lactose metabolic pathway. If you do that and still think it's unusual to metabolize lactose, you should consider keeping that to yourself.

I care I thought it was interesting

MissHayleyJames 7

I've heard that too and thought it sounded pretty out there considering how many people buy dairy products on a daily basis.

did you grow up in a home where those brutal cow/pig/chicken living conditions/butchering videos were a common topic? no fast food? no harry potter or pokemon (it's satanic!) either right? you probably have a thing against the people next door because they don't go to your church. homeschooled? DEAR GOD WHY CANT I PUT MY FINGER ON THE SOURCE OF THIS RETARDATION?! wtf o.o you don't... it can't be! NO BUTTER ON YOUR TOAST?!?! *self-destructs. can't handle this madness.*

skyeyez9 24

No you jackass. I eat dairy, beef, bacon, chicken and enjoy it. I just shared a random tidbit I READ about dairy. I have seen the slaughterhouse videos but I still eat meat. Humans are meant to eat meat. Asshole

skyeyez9 24

You say I am retarded.....says the person whose profile pic is of a man giving a giant gummyworm a blow job. Freak.

The_Troller 14

EDIT: Double post, ignore this one.

The_Troller 14

55- The ingredients in a cow's milk don't change because it's domesticated.

Yeah well I still cry a little on the inside when I see my friends drink creamy milk. :(

86 - I question how aware of existentialism you actually are based on that comment. Read some more, stop bastardizing philosophy and get back to me. 113 - pasteurization changes cow's milk to be universally digestible.

Lol, pasteurization doesn't take the lactose out if milk. It makes sense that people are lactose intolerant after a certain age because milk evolved as infant food to help them get the nutrients and fat and antibodies they need, and after you reach adulthood, you don't need mothers milk anymore, so it would make sense that the body would stop or slow down the production of the enzymes that break down lactose in the digestive tract making it harder to digest. However, if you continue to drink milk after infancy, you probably won't stop making these enzymes, and because like someone said, we as a species have been drinking cow's milk as adults for a long time, it could be that we have adapted to not getting rid of these enzymes anymore in adulthood. I haven't researched this, but I would hypothesize that a lot of adults do slow down the production of lactose enzymes probably due to some gene and that gene gets expressed more in some than in others, or that gene only appears in some people. It would be a cool thing to do a study on, I'll have to look it up.

143 - please, at least google pasteurization before you commit a post about it.

I don't get it.

yeah I'm wondering where the hell that came from...

Then how does Kelis's milk shake bring all the boy's to the yard?

Where did he go to school?

And tell me how would she know?

Maybe a secret KKK preschool?

or did he even go to school? :D

How are they related?

Throw a little fake gag in there. Then be like. Gotcha. Lool

nag. shed have to bust out paper bag #1 - YOLOLOLOL face. then, after his initial WTF moment, bag #2 u mad? then, put bag #3 on his head- MOTHER OF GOD...! then throw bag of shit, on fire, at him so the bag on his head catches. if his IQ is what I THINK it is, he'll run in circles screaming, dying, unable to think of pulling off flaming face -bag and we will have pulled off the greatest troll ever.

that's it. I'm never allowing anyone to show me anything from Art of Trolling again. I've gone off the deep end. someone Fucking kill me.

perdix 29

You live in Cali. Take your stupid neighbor to the Museum of Tolerance. Maybe they can edu-ma-cate him. Otherwise, take a trip to Milwaukee -- you'll find a lot of black people enjoying awesome cheese!


This. What ignorance we have in the world today. It's a crying shame.

courtneyann211 10

Not only awesome cheese but the different flavored milks at the state fair!!!

perdix 29

#34, ya hey! Thank you, Senator Kohl! That was just about the best thing I had at the State Fair, even though it was the cheapest! Banana and chocolate were tied FTW!

what about the raspberry yogurt-like smoothie-textured milk? o.o kefir.

courtneyann211 10

My favorite was the root beer. Haven't been able to go since 07 though...moved too far away :(

perdix 29

#91, you are a highly-effective stalker! I love kefir! I just finished my peach flavored today, and will be starting my pomegranate flavored tomorrow. (The pomegranate bottle does look a lot like raspberry. You might want to upgrade your binoculars.)

eat some ice cream in front of him, that'll make him rethink his judgement

fuckmebutdontfml 16

Re-read the FML it says cheese not lactose in general...

fuckmebutdontfml 16

Nevermind I'm the idiot who read incorrectly...sorry