By maggieyokoi - 15/06/2015 19:11

 Today, I had to explain to my little brother yet again that no, socks don't count as toilet paper. FML
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I use socks for more than toliet paper..

Well, better than roommate's towels..


I use socks for more than toliet paper..

get over yourself Rinat it's obviously a joke

@13: Wow. You're a dick.

Ya know, putting them on your feet :P

mds9986 24

Lol 23 got moderated in less than 5 minutes it must have been bad.

I didn't think it was all that bad haha oops :p

Making sock hand puppets?

You know what big socks mean... XD

big socks mean big feet?

There's a hidden message in the comment "Eww."?

I've been misled all this time. I thought we used them for when we take a shit, but no, we wear them on our feet?! Why has no one told me this?!

They are nice and soft but cleaning that might be a pain

SpartyOnWayne 18

That's a shitty situation, OP

Be prepared for a "flow" of down votes

Sorry, my pun skills have gone down the drain

^ Don't worry Dude, your puns were as smooth as newly bought socks!

It seems you should have pissed off instead of commenting.

There. You said it. You proud of yourself, 3? We're not.

This is the most docile of angry mobs I've ever seen. YOU SU--I mean, you guys tried your best, you'll get 'em next time.

How old is your brother? If he's older than 6 than FYL

FYL even if he is older than 6. However, by 6+ he should know better than to do that.

noonenoeone 22

10, you mean younger...

They absolutely are toilet paper in emergencies! It happens, hopefully they weren't your socks and I'm assuming it wasn't an emergency . Fyl

mds9986 24

Just squat and waddle to the nearest toilet paper if you run out; no need to use your socks!

That doesn't really work if you are at someone else's house or at a party. You can just squat around the halls with your pants around your ankles looking for toilet paper. Lol.

Do people not keep toilet paper in their bathrooms now a days?

it's written nowadays

Text someone asking for some. Everyone has a phone nowadays.

jimmer23 21

You've clearly never been trapped in the bathroom with no toilet paper.

Well, better than roommate's towels..

TotallyNotAKid 11

If there was toilet paper he has no excuse, but times can get tough without any toilet paper and maybe he was desperate. Either way Sorry OP

I'm hoping you didn't have to discover that by finding socks with stains on them in the hamper...

I mean, if there's no toilet paper...