By Anonymous - 25/01/2014 20:34 - United States - Tobyhanna

Today, I had to explain to my father that when my friends sleep over, it's not acceptable to sneak into my room in the middle of the night and dig through their stuff. FML
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lilmslady 11

yeah thats not weird at all....

rdenkewicz 11

He must love the Patriot Act!


rdenkewicz 11

He must love the Patriot Act!

He must be an NSA agent.

I don't think I'd know how to react in a situation like that so I'd probably just punch him in the throat..

Get rich or die tryin'.

op must have a ton of privacy at her house

who said op was a girl? guys have sleep over too ya know.

The little gender icon is a pretty good clue.

why the heck is everyone assuming op is a girl???? IT DOESN'T SAY THAT

There's the gender thing it the top left corner

Why is every one saying it doesn't show what gender? IT SAYS IT RIGHT THERE!

You dense motherfucker... Its says that OP is a girl at the top of the FML.

Rainhawk94 27

#56 I'm not sure if you're a compete moron or a troll, probably both


mrlopez 13

It's too noisy in this thread to be heard.

sp4ksu_fml 9


Save the typing - #56 is a moron

lilmslady 11

yeah thats not weird at all....

hahatofunny 20

I wonder what he was looking for.

Hopefully not their underwear

That's a creepy thought. I hoped he was just checking they weren't turning his daughter into a drug addict or something less creepy.

who said op was a girl...?

The gender icon in the corner

Why does no one look at the gender icon?

Oh, the poor gender icon, staying lonely and ignored in the corner, never looked at, never spoken to, its very soul dwindling away, minute by minute, FML by FML.

Windows Phones, at least, do not show gender or location.

gmc_blossom 21

Or maybe some people don't know the difference between the male and female icons. Just a thought, lol.

#106 - YDI for having a windows phone. Android rocks. Even Apple is better than windows!

He was just trying to be a good Host Just a bit creepy...

Good hosts totally look through other peoples stuff !

Or maybe he was playing "customs" where they dig though your things... Maybe after that he selected a few of OP's friends for full cavity searches.

raininginseattle 9

Not if he was only looking to add to his panty collection. Oh. Wait. That is creepy. Yikes. Sorry. Responded to Erin comment. I only know how to edit my post but not delete it.

La_Coruna 8

Did he find anything good?

JMichael 25

Just some Tampons and maxi pads.

Unless the girl has a heavy flow that sounds a bit redundant.

Hes doing it so he can afford to get his daughter a much needed heart transplant. Also, your dad has something he needs to tell you.

What the fuck? Wrong FML mayhap?

I'm thinking movie plot. Either John Q (2002): "A down-on-his luck father, whose insurance won't cover his son's heart transplant, takes the hospital's emergency room hostage until the doctors agree to perform the operation." Or far less likely, Inhale (2010): "A couple goes to dangerous lengths to find a lung donor for their daughter." Or a film my 30 second Google search didn't find.

And why would there be hearts ready for transplant in the suitcases may I ask?

So they can't get broken.

I'd kick him and tell him to stop thinking he's Tom Cruise in MI.

jojimugo 20

I don't remember Tom sneaking around sleepovers checking shit out .... Not unless there is a Mission impossible 4 I don't know about

Pretty sure there is a mission impossible 4...Ghost protocol?

This makes me think of the episode of Spongebob, "Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?" Haha they broke into his mom's house and grabbed her underwear... yup


ArianaLuvU 14

Aww. He's curious about girls:)

purbur 9

I don't know if that's exactly his type of curiosity in this situation.

I'm assuming you misread the FML and thought it said "brother" instead of "father." Because otherwise your comment is creepy.

Purbur & gabber ........ She made a joke.

His house, his things!

So if you went over to a friend's house and you saw her creeper dad going through your things you'd just be like "oh hey that's fine, I'm at your house go ahead and take my tampons and my wallet while you're at it" ?

who said op was a girl...?

54 - Uh, the FML. It shows the gender of the poster.

Er, no #22. This does not apply to his daughter either.

@54, you've posted this at least 3 times. Read the responses for fucks sake. There is a gender icon. The one that's shaped to look like a person indicates female, ergo, we can all tell it says op is of the female persuasion.

thatkidmal 15

*theme song to Mission Impossible plays*