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Nahh... He's fine...Unless his hands are smaller than certain elected officials.

As someone who is 6'5 tall. I can testify that there is also something as being to big. I am lucky my wife loves it but had many girls who just either had to stop cause I was too big or who just too scared to even try it (they loved playing with it but the idea of it going inside was too scary for some). I know telling this won't debunk his idea in his head but maybe more importantly it might help him see that bigger is not always better.


Nahh... He's fine...Unless his hands are smaller than certain elected officials.

But most girls won't date short guys (it's crazy, but true), so he'd better hold on to you no matter what.

short guy here - dating was hard

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So posting a alternative comment with a bit of humor to help someone to get her BF over the size is everything idea is a bad thing and needs downvoting ☺

I mean, it's good logic at least

As the record holder for the tallest man in the world I can assure you that the taller you are the larger you penis is.

I've not been with a whole lot of men but I have enough experience to relay that his estimate for the most part actually isn't incorrect, the taller someone is the larger they tend to be

No it really just makes sense that the bigger you are in height, the bigger you are everywhere else. A 5inch slong might look normal on a short person, but it would look tiny on a tall person

You need to let this man watch some porn, for crying out loud....

If you're happy with his size, just let him know it, and make sure he actually believes you, that's all that matters -because he's not necessarily wrong. Penis size isn't only determined by height, but it sure is a big factor

I think there's also genetics to take into consideration here. There's show-ers. And then there grow-ers.