By sarika - United States - Appleton
Today, I had to explain to my boss that I was late to work because somehow my hand slipped when I was brushing my teeth, and I hit myself in the eye with the brush. I had to remove my contacts, wash my eye, and find my glasses. He didn't believe me, but at least my eye is minty fresh. FML
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Let's not forget the fact that OP had to look for her glasses, which means she normally just uses the contacts. That should also be a clear indication that the story was true to OP'S boss.

By  Yazoo77  |  16

If that's your first time being late, or you almost never show up late, then I don't understand why your boss doesn't believe you... but if you show up late a lot, I can see where is coming from.

By  saymynamess  |  19

You have a valid excuse. However, you need to be convincing when you deliver your story. You don't have to tell the details of what happened if it sounds silly. Try to put some flavors to the story so that it sounds genuine.