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Today, I had to explain to my 25-year-old boyfriend why we cannot get pet raccoons. This is not the first time we have had this conversation. FML
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Aww but why not? He's learning responsibility

Well, why the hell not? Raise them from cubs and they're just as amiable and loving as any other slightly-less-than-common pet.


Aww but why not? He's learning responsibility

Start dating a who actually is mature enough; c that's the problems with girls these days dating complete weirdos

You're a weirdo..

Today I had to explain my 22 year old girlfriend why we CAN get pet raccoons...

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So please explain, what's the problem with a pet raccoon?

29 that's what I want to know

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Raccoons are ok for the first year or two... Then they hit sexual maturity and be come aggressive. They are also prone to obesity in captivity and very destructive to your house. All in all they make bad pets

3, wanting a pet raccoon doesn't make someone immature.

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Wanting any kind of pet that one won't Be able to handle or take care of makes one immature. Raccoons are super distructive!

"for the last time, NO!" "...So can we get a pet alligator instead?"

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If she lives with her boyfriend then she has a say! For all of you people who say racoons are cute and cuddly and you had one as a pet, I'm sure the racoon was always sweet and never destroyed anything right? Wrong!!! I had a friend who raised one from a baby and it was all cute and cuddly until it got into everything and destroyed some stuff. When it was older it started biting and scratching everyone so she had to let it go. Great pet idea!

Why don't you suggest something more realistic like say....a unicorn.

If you raise a raccoon, then set it free, it probably wouldn't make it and starve to death because it wouldn't know how to hunt if it was raised from a cub. Now, if it's an older raccoon and you take care of it, then let it go, it will become lazy and not hunt.

29 if you keep a pet raccoon, it will always sit in your good recliner, and you'll have to watch tv from the couch.

Still don't see the problem with having a pet raccoon, I'd also love a pet beaver, and pretty much every weird animal that you north americans have.

Why not a tiger? =D

There's a reason ppl don't have them commonly. They are domestically's not just Bc they don't want em. Raccoons won't become domesticated for a home.

Raccoons are evil.

No, you are evil.

Evil might be a little too harsh but disease-spreading vermin definitely classify as annoying.

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They're just natures little ninjas. Nothin' evil bout' that.

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Ew raccoons. 2nd comment first time !! Shiit this time its 'anti flood protection' ..bye bye second comment -.-"

Well, why the hell not? Raise them from cubs and they're just as amiable and loving as any other slightly-less-than-common pet.

Really?? Well then hell! Lets just start putting Lions, and Tigers for adoption as cubs! I mean, instincts couldn't possibly play a part as long as they're lovable as cubs!

I actually did that with a raccoon I found in my barn. Although it was difficult, she is by far my most obedient and loving pet.

Benji from good Charlotte done it

I'd rather get a Liger.

They can be tamed if you get them as a baby I had one for 4 years and by far the best animal I have ever had!!! VERY SMART she lived in the house like any other animal would have she would Turn on the faucet in the bathroom to drink get food out the fridge.

Not rly. I know some one who tired lol

Yeah, my neighbor had a 3/4 wolf 1/4 dog. It was beast.

134, Uhhh, pretty sure that is illegal to keep as a pet.

139- actually it isn't. She got it vaccinated and everything.

your boyfriend is stupid

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Your profile picture is a little ironic

GovernorGeneral 8

How so?

Because I hate myself.

Yea that makes sense, anf i can see why too

Well if he wants it so bad why won't he just move out,that way he can do whatever he wants. Considering he's 25 and all....

FML I misread the entire post.

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Lol. Dont worry, it happens :P

Oo you really went and let America down didn't ya??

Wait why can't you?

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It's the crazy eyes......

It's been discovered that racoons in captivity tend to be overfed then they explode, raining gore, blood and guts all over your small children and furniture.

Because they have rabies...

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#168 Any mammal can contact rabies; they don't just inherently carry rabies, though.

Poor guy. first his moms telling him what he can, and can't do and now his girlfriend. where just hating on the whole idea like two comments up

Hey 14 look for comment 17 then look at 14 again

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Yea 14 & 17 sorta talking out both. Sides of your mouth there!!!!!!

Well really, I don't think a raccoon is a good idea, this comment was merely a joke. And the reason I posted 17, was because its not true that as long as you raise a wild animals from a baby/cub, they'll be obedient and tame as adults. I'm not saying there aren't cases of this but most animals will react upon instincts if given the opportunity.

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your boyfriend sounds awesome. I want a raccoon.

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I will Give you the next coon I catch

I agree. They are just a little hard to train. At least they r fluffy though