By idiots / Saturday 29 November 2014 03:36 / United States - Fort Worth
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  randomname98  |  22

Someone here should try pushing carts, not only do you deal with idiots, but you also deal with lazy people, garbage in the carts, and people almost hitting you because their driving abilities are bad.

  granCanyon  |  12

Sure :) Why not show her a 3D visualization of the function f(x,y) = y - xy/100 where y is the price and x is the numerator of the percentage. She could clearly see that the function touches 0 only if the initial price is 0 or when the percentage reaches 100%.

  granCanyon  |  12

Well the function computes the final price depending on the initial price and how much the price is reduced. For example if the initial price is 50 and you get 50% off of it then to calculate how much you'll pay you do 50(initial price) minus 50% of the initial cost(50) which is 50 - (50/100)*50 or 50 - (50*50)/100 which is the exact same formula as the function I gave above. Only when you compute the function on a certain range of prices you get the general idea what's happening. You can always take a slice of the 3D graph for example when the price is 50 and you'll have a normal 1 variable function. The good thing about computing the multivariable one is that you can clearly see the behavior of the final price and the zeros are clearly visible. Of course in OP's case a normal 1 variable function would be enough but c'mon how can you miss the opportunity to use 3D graphs :D


It's really quite sad that #43 is being downvoted for being smart and mathematically superior to the rest of the FML community. I am ashamed of you folks for being so ashamed of yourselves to put someone down.

Yet I'm not sure if he's right because math isn't my forte. Still ashamed of something nonetheless

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