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  onlychildFTW  |  33

I feel bad you had to be the one to tell him. It's not easy to tell someone that their partner is cheating on them. And using their credit card. I must say the wife sounds like an idiot. "I'll use my has bands card to cheat on him so I don't have to pay." I guess she forgot about the statements.

  PaperCandles  |  0

That really does suck for you, OP. I can only imagine what the guy did after he found out it was his wife. :/

Ps.Faelwyn- I love your name! I just said it outloud and laughed :)

  muFilter  |  19

She MUST have wanted to get caught. Even if only subconsciously. I mean, right? No one could be THAT stupid, could they? Ugh, I guess people really ARE that stupid.

  athlete1990  |  4

Actually, for record keeping purposes, it's supposed to be illegal to rent a hotel room by paying in cash. Supposed to be credit or debit so that your information will be stores.... I think?

By  donut_gurl  |  8

well is the card only inhis name? or is her name also on it? cuz if her names no on it you shouldt accapt it
either way, shes not too bright, or she wanted to get caught
suck to be the bearer of bad news op

  Angelrose2004  |  17

8 says that if the wife's name isn't on the credit card, the hotel shouldn't have accepted the card in the first place. And that she (the wife) is either dumber than a rock or she wanted to get caught. And then 8 says it sucks OP had to break the news to this guy. You're welcome :)

  xMidna  |  6

Credit cards don't always have to be in the name of the person that owns it, the card holder can authorize a second person to use the card without it bring in their name.

  twisted_cherub  |  14

Card companies don't care. Anyone can sign the slip with any signature. They don't have time to look at each and every signature of the millions of receipts they get every day. Unless the cardholder calls them to dispute a charge, that receipt just stays filed away. That's why you should be careful with cards and always check statements.

If the man's wife isn't authorized to use the card he can press charges, but if it was a debit card and her name is on the account (not to mention he told her the PIN) he's SOL.

By  RandomNchic  |  1

It's better that you told him then instead of him finding out later and possibly suffering from debt due to a very high credit card bill ... The wife deserved to be busted anyway