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not everybody is employed for their brains apparently

They joys of working below your level, surrounded by chimpanzees who make your weekly pay in a day...


not everybody is employed for their brains apparently

Just had an image of a cybermen manager saying "You are incompatible. You will be deleted."

Emails. Are. Inferior. They will be exteerrrminated. EXTERMINATE!

looks like someone won't be stacking shelves for too much longer.

She might be useless on computers but a good manager.

"she's been pushing out of curiosity" So much for that theory #2

how does having a sense of curiosity make her a bad manager. we have a manager at my work who cannot use a computer but she is a great manager as her job is more hands on. anything she needs donr on the computer i do for her.

MilkyFilmz 26

32 and 2 I bet you two idiots are the manager's kids.

@32 People who do things with no regard to consequences are likely to possess poor leadership skills. A rational person would ask what the red X does before pressing it. Hell, a rational person might just infer that the button does something that warrants caution, because it is a red X.

#46 and #40 Not that I do not agree, but I worked under a man who could barely write an email, he was in his late 50s, but we had the best stock and inventory crew in our tri-sector. Computing skills are important but she could be an older woman, she can be a leader and make flaws.

@49 I'm not talking (typing) about a lack of computer skills. I'm talking about a personality trait.

#53 He couldn't open his email correctly without me there. I wasn't referring to typing but I see your point.

They joys of working below your level, surrounded by chimpanzees who make your weekly pay in a day...

Don't show her where her email's trash is; she may delete them from there too. (Then how would you restore them?) :)

I see what you mean, #1 ;)

Does she even know how to close pages on the internet?

What does that have to do with anything? You could ask endless questions. Does she know how to change a password, print in landscape, tie her shoe?

...Or it could be related to the fact that what deletes a page on the Internet is also a little red X.

That depends on your browser among other things. I don't have red Xs.

the things we do for our paychecks

The things we don't get paid enough for.

Also the things we do that are not even part of our job descriptions.

Those things will become yours now that you've shown you can do it with no extra compensation.

Hmm isn't it important for a manager to be able to use emails properly? Or is that just me?

Looks like you deserve a promotion.

Or the manager deserves a demotion.. Either way, that situation is totally unfair sorry op

MilkyFilmz 26

Why not both?

Sadly, the older people aren't as advanced as us younger people with technology ;)

So, we born after 1980 came with technology knowledge chips built in by default?

That's a broad generalization.

Well, it's not just a 'broad generalization' if it's true! Older

(whoops, hit send a bit early! Chalk it up to my 'old age', I was born in '79) But older generations only learned how to use computers in adulthood... Surely the kid who's been using an ipad since he was 3 will have a better grasp of technology.

Seedless, I did not even see a computer till I was 15. Guess what I do for a living? Program computers. It's not age, it's laziness.

52 needs to be thumbed way up, since anyone with a brain and a bit of spare time can learn the basics of computer function. The lack of both motivation and understanding both usually stem from a psuedo laziness that comes with the presumption that something is to difficult to understand, or will take too long to learn.