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Today, I had to explain to a coworker that "the little red X" next to the email title she's been pushing out of curiosity is actually the delete button. Then, I had to restore the dozen emails she'd deleted even after I told her to stop. She's a manager. I stock shelves for a living. FML
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  monnanon  |  13

how does having a sense of curiosity make her a bad manager. we have a manager at my work who cannot use a computer but she is a great manager as her job is more hands on. anything she needs donr on the computer i do for her.

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

32 and 2 I bet you two idiots are the manager's kids.

  jhs578650  |  9


People who do things with no regard to consequences are likely to possess poor leadership skills. A rational person would ask what the red X does before pressing it. Hell, a rational person might just infer that the button does something that warrants caution, because it is a red X.

  Acrlyx  |  8

#46 and #40 Not that I do not agree, but I worked under a man who could barely write an email, he was in his late 50s, but we had the best stock and inventory crew in our tri-sector. Computing skills are important but she could be an older woman, she can be a leader and make flaws.

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Why not both?

  SeedlessMe  |  13

(whoops, hit send a bit early! Chalk it up to my 'old age', I was born in '79)
But older generations only learned how to use computers in adulthood... Surely the kid who's been using an ipad since he was 3 will have a better grasp of technology.

  manofmerr  |  27

52 needs to be thumbed way up, since anyone with a brain and a bit of spare time can learn the basics of computer function. The lack of both motivation and understanding both usually stem from a psuedo laziness that comes with the presumption that something is to difficult to understand, or will take too long to learn.