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  W3BD3V  |  0

feel fortunate that you can accomplish a simple task like cleaning a toilet all on your own. I bet later in life you'll be like "FML, I can't even put my underwear on by myself".

  dickster  |  0

y do ppl with tatoos always go for new and mainly grotesque designs in various places? and @15- shave ur ass omg!! u could make a fuckin sweater out of all that hair! it scares me when I browse through comments.

  HeroOfMi  |  0

I found ATL's pic somewhere else on the Internet and the guy said he found his on google so I'm questioning if his tattoo is real..the other guy's, idk.


If my grandpa ever made me drive across town to clean his toilet, I'd be like, "Aey! You better not make me drive across town to clean your toilet, or I'll kick you square in the nuts!"

By  perdix  |  29

Did he leave some presents in there for you?

You should be happy the old dude can still make it to the toilet. Pretty soon, you'll have to drive across town just to change his soiled diaper.