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Teacher was obviously hungry. Or from Wisconsin.

How cheesy.


How cheesy.

That was not that Gouda joke.

I thought it was Sharp.

No Whey. It Curd have been better.

As did I. Your disapproval, 4, renders me quite Bleu.

No need to be a Muenster about it, cheese only trying to make a joke.

Cut the cheddar! It Gouda been a worse one.

These just keep getting feta and feta...

Damn I only know french cheeses. I mean, how the hell do you put compté or gruyère in a sentence. I don't have Edam clue how to go about this.

Oops, it's spelt comté. Stupid phonetics, I'm going emmental here.

I Brie what you did there.

Gruyère is Swiss.

25, now they've gotten even cheddar.

I don't know Jack about these kind of puns

As long as people are only talking about it and not cutting it.

he is a Kraft-y one

One has to wonder how many of the jokes came from Swiss people.

All the cheese jokes, it must be a cream

Every last one of "cheese" jokes should be preserved for future generations.

Chessus Christ! Enough with the cheese puns for the Grate-r good lol

You guys Chedder come up with some more puns

Teacher was obviously hungry. Or from Wisconsin.

Or France. Those motherfuckers love their cheese.

Well French cheese is pretty good :)

I'm lactose intolerant.

Your kind will be euthanized in this society, I'm guessing.

Death by provolone!

Geo or hoja cheese... But you wouldn't know about that. =P

You're screwed, Screwie...

I guess your a lot less creative than you realize. Or your teacher is an idiot.

Cheese is pretty epic. Though I'm thinking if you had done an island made completely from bacon, you'd have beat his cheesy ass

Yea cheese and bacon are great... But, if this were a perfect society competition then I disagree. Think the long run. A bunch of super fat almost dead race of people at the age of 25 isn't exactly the perfect utopia...think more along the lines of the book "The Giver" now they at least tried to have a perfect society until someone wised up and ruined it all.

#23 - It was a joke, come on...

Yeah, cmon 23. Swiss up your attitude, no need to shred our dreams.

@23, I dissagree. Dead at 25 means no overcrowding, no need to deal with geriatric issues, etc.

28:- actually, I was being serious...a world made from bacon would be EPIC!

The Giver "trilogy" was pretty good, I must say. I think the other books were just sister books though..

To be fair, it's cheese. It's one of the components in an amazing bacon cheeseburger.

~Here in The South, we substitute the word amazing for bacon cheeseburger. "Bro do you like BF3?" "Dude it's bacon cheeseburger."~

*puts hand in shape Of an O* One does not "simply substitute the word amazing for 'bacon cheeseburger'".

I don't...get it, is this some culture-specific thing???? Someone care to explain?

No its just an FML.

Nvm I got it, I am slow lol

Yes, yes you are slow.

I'm guessing your class just read Brave New World?

Or lord of the flies perhaps? Or maybe 1984? Who knows. cheese can be a code word for soma pills.

I'm guessing 'Utopia' since that it's about the ideal society. I had to do a similar assignment back in high school after reading that.

Heck for all we know it could have been "Republic"

Or Hunger Games...

My high school class did something like this on The Giver.

If you honestly feel that you deserved the grade, why don't you go speak to your teacher after class? I'm sure you could work something out.

Well I mean cheese is amazing... No surprise on the teacher's choice.