By Anonymous - United Kingdom
  Today, I had to console my drunk dad over his girlfriend breaking up with him. When he said, "You know why we broke up don't you?" I replied, "Yeah, you were fighting a lot, right?" Wrong. I then had to explain to him that his erectile dysfunction wasn't something to be embarrassed about. FML
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  Daerauko  |  0

heh, my comment gets deleted after pointing out how the mod's need to delete the whole thread attached to #1 and only mine got deleted.

meow indeed

  Primo_Loco  |  0

I agree with 44. if your dads drunk then dip out on the man when he starts gettin into that. ydi for stickin around even tho you can easily play it offf as if you weren't there.


Agreed with 7. But then again.. I don't really see the point of this fml. You're dad's open with you and whatever else, and you may had have to explain about his erectile, but it wasn't like he video taped it to show everybody..

  LordMagus  |  9

Sometimes that's just where you find yourself healthwise. There are medications, and if those are out, toys. I can imagine the awkwardness of the conversation. It's him and millions upon millions of other men, get it checked out for his health though, so many underlying conditions can cause that.