By lynnie - 23/10/2011 06:23 - United States

Today, I had to come up with a reward system for getting my boyfriend to brush his teeth daily. He's 24. FML
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A point for every time he brushes his teeth. 5 points for a gold star. And with 2 gold stars he can trade in for a bj.

ikickgingers 15

Sexual rewards?


ikickgingers 15

Sexual rewards?

They better be brushing teeth is hard work.

Piss in a cup and pour jusssssst a little piss in all his food until he learns his lesson.

Or you can tell him that you will dumb him if he doesn't start brushing his teeth because its freaking disgusting....

dsbs 9

Op be careful not to dislocate your jaw while doing them

Maybe a piece of candy, so his teeth will rot faster.

I'm pretty sure stickers would work better

Or have a little magazine filled with different rewards, each with different values. Like when we had fundraisers in elementary school :D

welandedonthemoo 5

Dumb? Dump

Snowstar 0

69 thumbs up? XD That's awesome.

What Kind of rewards ?

Food rewards :D

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For every time he brushes his teeth, remove one hair of your moustache. That should be rewarding enough.

indielove 13

BJ rewards. Let's just hope that OP doesn't get a dislocated jaw.

A point for every time he brushes his teeth. 5 points for a gold star. And with 2 gold stars he can trade in for a bj.

He'll brush his teeth 30 times everyday. That system could go very bad

Limit of 2 brushes a day, and can only trade in stars once a day.

You could limit the points you get in a day

bitchslapped22 14

She needs to make sure she doesn't break her jaw

Hell 30 brushes would only get him 3 bjs. With a reward system like that I would brush minimum 50 times a day lol I'd be brushing while getting a bj lol

I think he is smart for not brushing his teeth. I would not want to throw up a cockroach either.

ATSViper 15

Lol, brushing during a bj would be funny to see.

Brushing your teeth is a hard commitment, lay off him alright

ragzilla 0

it isn't.

skata 4

it was obviously sarcastic

Bbhd05 0

Instead of reward she could dump him, probably her best option.. 61 thanks for bringing some common sense into the mix.

Tell him his teeth will rot n fall off....Bam!

I hope they work!

You let him eat you out with that mouth of his?

I had to make my ex husband brush his teeth before sex. It was the only time he'd do it.

And that's the reason he's an ex-husband.

Yup, same thing with my ex-husband, and even then he'd spend all of 10 seconds brushing. Ugh.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I wouldn't even marry someone who had such horrible hygiene. Gross.

Gross! Ask him to man up