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Today, I had to choose between living with my over protective dad who only uses me for free childcare, or my pot smoking mom who always needs to borrow money. FML
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Choose your dad. At least he isn't always trying to bum money from you.

duuuuddee ur mom is like... what was I even saying...DUDUUDDEE


duuuuddee ur mom is like... what was I even saying...DUDUUDDEE

POT SMOKING mom go wit her

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definatly go and smoke a couple bowls with your mom.

yeah chill with ur mom nothings worse than an overprotective parent

#1 has obviously never smoked pot.

Baby I got a plan: run away as fast as you can!

OP should chose dad. I'd rather have an over protective parent that at least cares than have a person who doesn't give a rats ass about me.

I'd chose dad, threaten him that if he is too over protective I would move with mom and smoke pot. That should do it!

go with ur dad

Don't think 110 get the memo. What kind of caring dad would only use you for child care money, go with mommy before daddy wants more money and decides to pimp you.

No, he doesn't take the money, she does. He just uses her to watch his other kids.

What did you choose, OP?

I agree with 110

110 your eyes scare me

I LOVE her eyes!!

you have gorgeous eyes!!

Lol #110 Did you even read the FML? 'Over protective dad who ONLY uses me for free child care' Yeah, he REALLY cares about her. He only cares about the free child care. I think you have it mixed up, it seems like the DAD doesn't 'give a rats ass' about her. And it sounds like maybe the mom cares about her, but she just needs money all of the time. MAYBE she cares. The real FML would be if they BOTH didn't care abou her. I'd still rather live with the dad, even if he only wants the free child care. Atleast he wouldn't be asking for money for drugs all the time.

You say that like it's a bad thing :)

I'd pick dad. but if your old enough , you should move into an apartment with a roommate or two .

If the dad is overprotective doesn't that mean he cares somewhat about you? Better than a mom who leeches off you.

Choose your dad. At least he isn't always trying to bum money from you.

yea but still he's taking money frm her!!

OP has probably already chose who to go with.

Your mom's an f'ing deadbeat. At least your dad needs child care because he might be out working. Daddy knows best.

personally I would go with dad. choose wisely OP.

i agree i would go with the good parrent

i choose.... #4!!!

I'd choose the dad too

I choose you, PIKACHU!! :) *yayforretardedcomments* ♥

I choose #4 as well. And not just because of her comment if you know what I mean ;) just kidding, kytti!! :)

hahaha u accually laughed at this. good job :)

i meant *I accually... and it was for #108.

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choose mom become a drug dealer sell drugs to mom. profitt

fabrizio, great idea

frabzio that wouldn't work because the mom takes money from the kid. read it more carefully

no, stick with your dad. not your mom.

this kinda reminds me of weeds.That sucks OP both of your parents wanna milk money out of you.I say the best choice is going with your mom.

fabrizio... MORETTI??!!

Choose ur dad, at least he won't make u wanna smoke pot, or take money from u

Pots not the problem. It's the stealing of money.

61- I think OP's mom smoking pot is part of the problem. If not, why would OP have even mentioned it if it didn't bother them?

The reason she is always borrowing money is because she smokes pot and needs money to buy more.

How does this whole free childcare scheme work out? Does that just mean that he doesn't have to pay your mom money for you to live with her? Live with your Dad. Your mom would probably spend childcare money on weed anyway.

it means that she probably has to babysit alot and isn't paid for it

choose ur mom pot is da shit just hide ur money

No, just stupid.

Don't forget to hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives and hide yo' husbands. BTW, was the a rhetorical question, 14?

Move into your own place or live in a hotel. I've always wanted to spend a month or two in some European hotel :) Expensive yes.

dammit you are cute!!

Or one of your other family members.