By ouchies - 05/05/2011 02:38 - United States

Today, I had to call the doctor to go and have them remove a tick that had got stuck to my man-parts while fishing. The receptionist laughed, she thought I was prank calling. FML
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That thing is not used for fishing.

You're probably mistaking the tick for your wiener, OP.


That thing is not used for fishing.

he was using his own "bait"!

hahahhahahaha that just sucks

one time a tick was on the forskin to my penis... it must have crawled up my leg but man did it suck

he was using his baby gravy as berly I assume

While we're making puns, anyone up for some "fly fishing"?

"There's a snake in ma boot!" - Woody

just get some pliers and pull the bitch off. or get a boner so all the blood will rush to the penis and the tick will fill up with blood faster and fall off on its own

hehe tick love :/

I am not the only person who fishes with his penis!?!

sir, u have a crab.

Shouldn't you have just gone to the doctors office, instead of calling with tick there??

Why was the tick fishing in your man-parts?

7 you mean his master bait!

9 it crawled up his leg? i got two ticks on my man parts in one day it really sucked!? i had to pull then off and it was really painfull!

that happened to me i had 2 and i had to take em off with tweezers cuz i peed in the woods and they gott on

that happened to me i had 2 and i had to take em off with tweezers cuz i peed in the woods and they gott on

It's a tick on a dick!

ewwww that sounds fuking grosssssssuhh lololol

OP, when they said "catfish noodling", they didn't mean THAT noodle.

mushroom stamp her and show her how real it is.

was this supposed to be funny? or perversely idiotic?

Hes trying to be a Mario troll. ~fail~

it's funny. eat a dick boys

In her defence, that sounds pretty crazy.

whether she believes it or not, I think it's important to know whether the tick is still alive

yeah i know it is crazy!! now he cant get a full boner! parts people just get funnier an funnier now-a-days...hahaha...:)

That situation doesn't even sound irrational. I don't see how she thought you were prank calling when you simply called in for a tick removal. Fyl op.

I've never had a tick there, it would sound far-fetched to me, but yeah I wouldn't treat a customer like that.

do you mean rational?

No, she was right.

She is a nurse ffs she should be used to hearing all kinds of weird stuff from people.

Not a nurse lol..receptionist. but still..oh fail

get your girlfriend to get it off with her mouth. now you can spice things up

You're probably mistaking the tick for your wiener, OP.

There's a weiner on my tick!!!

lmao u just made my day!

I would suggest some Vaseline around the tick to asphyxiate it but careful one thing may leade to another...

I used to work for the county tick control department (worst job ever). Grab it with your fingers, wiggle and pull. That's all you have to do. That's all the doctor would have done. DO NOT use flame, alcohol, Vaseline, or any of the other folk remedies. All they do is kill the tick, which just makes things worse.

You have to kill the tick. If not it leaves a glue like stuff where it.. i guess you would say bit you... But any way it can get very infected. But if you kill it the glue stuff isnt there. I have had many ticks stick to my legs/ arms and each time my mom just held a lighter to it and it fell off. Problem solved :)

Who says exciting things don't happen on fishing trips? You, the receptionist, and the tick got pretty personal.

You should of said to her "You wanna see?"