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  ydi_4_suking  |  20

just get some pliers and pull the bitch off. or get a boner so all the blood will rush to the penis and the tick will fill up with blood faster and fall off on its own

  capilot  |  10

I used to work for the county tick control department (worst job ever).

Grab it with your fingers, wiggle and pull. That's all you have to do. That's all the doctor would have done.

DO NOT use flame, alcohol, Vaseline, or any of the other folk remedies. All they do is kill the tick, which just makes things worse.

  athena3100  |  9

You have to kill the tick. If not it leaves a glue like stuff where it.. i guess you would say bit you... But any way it can get very infected. But if you kill it the glue stuff isnt there. I have had many ticks stick to my legs/ arms and each time my mom just held a lighter to it and it fell off. Problem solved :)