By Jen - / Thursday 20 October 2016 16:32 /
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By  RichardPencil  |  22

No problem, your management already knows you genuinely have the speech impediment. You should worry that those pricks are going to get their jollies mocking you and the customer!

By  NostalgiaFreak9  |  38

It seems to go both ways with speech impediments, either you're afraid of somebody making fun of you, or you're afraid that somebody else who also happens to have a speech impediment is gonna think you're making fun of them. Other than that, I think she should've tried to get the full story before hanging up and filing a complaint.

  tmj25789  |  15

If I was that customer, I would have asked her if she was mocking me before just jumping to conclusions. Hopefully the boss understands after OP explains.

  ColdCreasent  |  17

This is what's wrong with people these days. Everyone automatically assumes everyone else is making fun of them or something instead of giving the benefit of a doubt and asking.


Today, I was prank called yet again by someone asking for a game that was released over 10 years ago. The store I work at only sells modern titles, and I angrily slammed the phone down. My boss saw and fired me on the spot. FML

By rashpimplezitz / Sunday 8 September 2013 04:22 / United States - Simi Valley

Today, as I was building furniture at work, I managed to get my fingernails ripped off and the tips mauled while cutting the wood for a nightstand. As my I was getting bandaged, one of my bosses looked at me and simply asked, "Why'd you stop working?" FML

By acf1233 / Tuesday 14 June 2016 19:28 / United States - San Antonio
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