By Anonymous - United States - Mechanicsville
Today, I had to bail my son out of jail, because he's a pansy and wouldn't last a night in there. His crime: pissing through the open windows of passing cars after losing a bet with his friends. I feel like if he gave me grandkids, they'd be born with half a brain. FML
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  Fidge  |  18

#10 never say never cause he'd only do one nite in lockup, witch sucks but not like he's gonna go to prison for that! I agree with you on the rest tho, I'll leave him in there for as long as I could!

  Mossyoak_kw  |  28

True but I was thinking if he's as big of a pansy as his mother says he is, then one night is probably all it will take to scare him out of ever trying that stunt ever again. I'm sure he'll find something else incredibly stupid to get into. He sounds like an intelligent individual!

By  sturschaedel  |  27

Well, that would be the case if the woman he knocks up has a whole brain. In which case she probably wouldn't give him the chance to do so. Sorry to be so negative but I think you can count yourself lucky if they inherit a quarter brain.

  doodlecloud  |  26

And the last sentence is implying that whoever's dumb enough to go out with OP's son will probably only have half a brain themselves, hence the resulting child having about a quarter. Makes total sense 18.

By  aimbug  |  42

Let him deal with the consequences. If he's such a pansy like you say a night in jail might scare him into never doing something so stupid again.