By Anonymous - 17/10/2015 11:41 - United States - Mechanicsville

Today, I had to bail my son out of jail, because he's a pansy and wouldn't last a night in there. His crime: pissing through the open windows of passing cars after losing a bet with his friends. I feel like if he gave me grandkids, they'd be born with half a brain. FML
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Shouldn't have done it. Let him deal with the consequences of his stupid actions.

I feel like he shouldn't be allowed to have children.


Shouldn't have done it. Let him deal with the consequences of his stupid actions.

I definitely agree with you #1! I guarantee if he had to spend a night in jail he would never do something that stupid ever again!

#10 never say never cause he'd only do one nite in lockup, witch sucks but not like he's gonna go to prison for that! I agree with you on the rest tho, I'll leave him in there for as long as I could!

True but I was thinking if he's as big of a pansy as his mother says he is, then one night is probably all it will take to scare him out of ever trying that stunt ever again. I'm sure he'll find something else incredibly stupid to get into. He sounds like an intelligent individual!

His mother? It was a man who wrote this FML.

Whoops! I didn't even pay attention to that. Sorry y'all, my bad!

At the risk of sounding stupid, how can you tell what gender the OP is? I'm confused.

There's a gender symbol in the top left corner. Something I never remember to look at.

Or on the web browser it says 'by Anonymous (man)' under the FML

I feel like he shouldn't be allowed to have children.

Today's generation is not great. Imagine the next...

It's less today's generation than it is today's society. Well, in the US anyways the government and what's become "acceptable" has really gone to hell.

It's not necessarily that today's generation is bad it's that with social media we hear about the bad a lot more often.

I know it sounds like your son is an idiot, but try to be there for him. Regardless of how old he is, it may be a cry for help.

He did it because he lost a bet. It's likely not a cry for help. It's just a boy being stupid.

You should've let him stay in there. After all, it is just one night.

Time to start calling him Piss-for-Brains.

Well, that would be the case if the woman he knocks up has a whole brain. In which case she probably wouldn't give him the chance to do so. Sorry to be so negative but I think you can count yourself lucky if they inherit a quarter brain.

Only at first glance. 6 is suggesting that the grandkid would have half a brain if the woman were super smart, cuz dude's brainless.

And the last sentence is implying that whoever's dumb enough to go out with OP's son will probably only have half a brain themselves, hence the resulting child having about a quarter. Makes total sense 18.

Urine trouble

Sounds like he's just pissing his life away

Let him deal with the consequences. If he's such a pansy like you say a night in jail might scare him into never doing something so stupid again.

What a pisser.