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  jessi_sunshine  |  26

Not only that, but he shouldn't be calling his ex-wife for that. Part of being married and taking all of those vows means that you're supposed to have a built in best friend who will come bail your ass out of jail if need be. He/she is the person you're supposed to rely on, not your ex-spouse/SO. And I can't imagine that his wife will be pleased to find out who he called to bail him out when she does eventually learn the truth. She'll be even more pissed.

  I_Bite  |  22

My ex is my best friend (we even still live together though I'm guessing that isn't the cas for OP) I'd bail him out of jail if he asked, however I'd do it because I'd want to not "have to" but if he had another serious partner I would advise him to come clean with her. These things have a way of getting out and she'll be more pissed if she finds out on her own than if he told her

By  Steffi3  |  40

So? Sounds like his problem..

By  Rkikkas9713  |  25

Why is this an FML on your part? You weren't forced to bail him out and he obviously deserved whatever he was in there for. You're hurting his wife too by keeping that from her. Nobody made you bail him out, so you did this to yourself. YDI