By Pinkie - 06/08/2011 21:06 - United States

Today, I had to announce to the whole house that I was going the bathroom, because the lock on the door is broken. Before I had the chance to wipe, my dad loudly burst through the door, stark bollock naked, to take a shower. FML
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gideeupp 9

Some things in life you can't un-see. This is one of them.

flockz 19

haha piece of wood? she was already being blinded by one.


sounds sexy... lol

cyns0_oaSailor 0

Gay description of the word naked

Wincest? Ew no nevermind I can't joke like that

You can't get a chair to block the door when someone is in there? Or a piece of wood or something??

flockz 19

haha piece of wood? she was already being blinded by one.

Jvr91 8

What happened to knocking!

Ugh that's must be disturbing

you should have stared at him and finished vigorously, not even stopping to wipe.

Just another day at Pinkie's house...

Pixxio_O 11

Maybe you two can hug it off? :D

Just flush, he'll be out in a instant.

Father daughter bonding time :)

tylersign 11

So? And 42, I enjoy your picture.

KiddNYC1O 20

56- Their stupid what?

can't people on FML take a joke?

If it's a funny one that makes sense... Then yes :)

Yes, we can. but you need to know that some types of jokes are offensive to people. but it's okay this time. I'm not really offended as long as you don't actually think that hair color is related to intelligence. But people don't exactly find dumb blonde jokes as funny anymore. Think ot it this way: Making fun of hair color is like making fun of skin color; it could be a joke, but not all jokes are funny. Thanks!

You probably are, though.

gideeupp 9

Some things in life you can't un-see. This is one of them.

thanks for stealing my comment

Another one? Walking in on your parents doing doggy style

thanks for stealing my comment

orangeduck 6

STF you stupid camel. She posted before you so technically you stole her comment.

SHE stole it from ME. She edited her comment to be like mine because it was so brilliant.

patebishop It's weird I don't see yours anyway

patebishop It's weird I don't see yours anywhere

44- you claim someone stole your comment, as that comment was written before yours that is probably bullshit. Even if they did steal it, it's not a big deal. Stop bitching about and get on with your life.

57- Scroll down, comment #9.

gideeupp 9

I didn't know you could edit comments.. Thanks bud, but you were like a minute later than me. Sorry bout the luck.

je_suis_fml 11

are we seriously arguing about stolen comments? sheesh...

why would you steal a comment? how stupid

gideeupp 9

No shit Sherlock. Mine was posted first.

meidel 5

Known from personal experience

I don't understand what's so bad... I mean it's family not a stranger, seeing each other naked shouldn't be a problem.

saIty 17

He has to take his shower at an exact time. Nothing will stop him, not even when you are relieving yourself.

lolololer 8

would her being in the shower stop him?

orangeduck 6

Well OP's father would have two choices: One: Blindfold himself, and avoid dropping the soap. Two: Die hard like Bruce Willis.

mcrluverchick 9

Haha this reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

Chuck norris does not shield his eyes.

eminemchick 19

well pat, it doesnt look like ur gonna shield your eyes anytime soon either

fadingfaith 4

What happened next? xD

They minded their own business and she wiped while her dad took a shower. The End.

some things in life can't be unseen and this is one example

catrav77 0

patebishop meet gideeupp. y'all will be great friends.

man needs to keep clean, seems like nothing will stop him..

Your picture is extremely appropriate for the fml community (:

bobbymullet 11

who screamed first?(:

yeah,,,who did???