By Pinkie - United States
Today, I had to announce to the whole house that I was going the bathroom, because the lock on the door is broken. Before I had the chance to wipe, my dad loudly burst through the door, stark bollock naked, to take a shower. FML
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  kei1108  |  13

Yes, we can. but you need to know that some types of jokes are offensive to people. but it's okay this time. I'm not really offended as long as you don't actually think that hair color is related to intelligence. But people don't exactly find dumb blonde jokes as funny anymore. Think ot it this way: Making fun of hair color is like making fun of skin color; it could be a joke, but not all jokes are funny.

  Brool_Story_Co  |  17

44- you claim someone stole your comment, as that comment was written before yours that is probably bullshit. Even if they did steal it, it's not a big deal. Stop bitching about and get on with your life.