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Today, I had surgery on my arm. My mom has recently had the same surgery and my dad is having his first rib removed and won't be able to move his arm. My family combined now has three functioning arms. FML
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zingline89 18

I find this humerus.

Well at least the surgeries went alright.


Well at least the surgeries went alright.

Didn't he do well!

Well getting around the house is going to be a handful.

Just go ahead and ignore my previous comment. Not sure how it ended up here. The comment that reply goes to got deleted.

Wouldn't that make it three arms TOGETHER? Unless you originally had 4 arms each, then I guess that would make sense...

someone please explain to #2 what COMBINED means...

SApprentice 34

4- The OP added '"we each have three", and "each" voided out the "combined", making it sound like each member of the family has three available arms.

whoa whoa whoa, where did "each" come from, I swear it wasn't there before, I guess my testosterone got to my head, sorry #2

StalkerChick 13

Well it isn't there now. Someone's screwing with us >_<

countryrose92 23

The word "each" is not in the post. I am officially confused now

spekledworf 18

It's possible that "each" was in the original post and the FML Gods removed it

SApprentice 34

It was there. The rulers of FML tend to remove errors once they have been pointed out.

Sometimes they remove a big chunk of the FML. For example: I saw one in moderation about a guy who went cycling with his family down a volcanic mountain in Hawaii. The FML is he crashed and got tore up pretty bad. When it made it to the front page, FML took out the Hawaii part completely.

iShanny 13

You each have three arms, huh?

but in the family combined xD

SApprentice 34

This could end badly, especially if you are all on heavy pain medication. I hope you have another relative checking in on the three of you.


bulbul116_fml 4

that's a cool threesome

Only if you like cripple porn... But, hey whatever floats your boat.

zingline89 18

Cripple incest porn. Sad thing is, I'm sure that exists.

Rule 34; No exceptions.

iOceanus 18

12 - Cripple, incest porn on pain meds.

zingline89 18

I find this humerus.

Was it your left arm? If so, I guess you're all right now.

Anatomy jokes :)

Inheritance 10

If you're a guy and as long as you have your dominate arm you're good! If you know what I mean.

kglo 7

Thank you, your lame joke just made my day

No corrections on how he spelled "humorous"?

fatjacks 8

54- The humerus is a long bone in the arm that runs from the shoulder to the elbow. He was making a joke.

imavelociraptor 6

54- that was the joke... Humerus is a bone in your arm...

imavelociraptor 6

Oops. Sorry. I started writing my comment and i got distracted. Then when i posted it i saw yours... I didn't mean to copy you! :(

fatjacks 8

Lol it's no big deal. (:

Sorry, didn't get the pun... I feel stupid...

astralvagan 20

Heaven forbid you all get thrown into an impromptu game of Twister. I seriously do hope all goes well though, OP

Fuck i can't think of a comment FYL op

If your mom has a 'third arm', then how did she have you? I think your parents have some explaining to d-- Wait, third ARM, not third LEG. Carry on.

*pats shoulder sympathetically* it was a good try Maninthemachine