By Anonymous - 06/10/2010 08:30 - Netherlands

Today, I had sex with my new boyfriend for the first time. Afterwards, he said: "I know women who would be really self-conscious about nipples like that. I love that you accept yourself." I had no clue there was anything odd about my nipples. FML
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He better open his mouth only during oral.

tell him his penis was starting to look funny. like a swollen banana


Yea, he's an idiot. you don't tell ur girl something like that... maybe it was supposed to be a compliment?

hehe, maybe they are hairy??

No pair of nipples are the same, so what is concidered wierd or strange?

18 - considered* weird* God, they teach you how to spell these words in grade school. :/

hahahaha what an idiot!

My first bf told me I had weird nipples too. What an idiot. He had probably only ever seen nipples in porn where they are nipping out. Yes, they look different when they are soft. And I have tiny nipples, so don't pepperoni nipple me lol

What's with girls being such sluts/ whores? Fucked up bitches.

haha yeo !

need new nipples? there's an app for that.

hahahha this made my day..

sry if reposted...I've known men who are self conscious about being intolerably small down there, good for you :) ......should have been your reply.

24- Thank you. I'll keep that in mind. it's good to see someone actually caring about the modern slaughter of the human language. keep up the good work.

39- chicks do have sex quite alot you know.. wait, youd know nothing about that would you..

ask him what's wrong with his testicles, see how freaked he gets!

Steff, in his defense, weird violates the "i before e except after c" rule. A lot of people don't memorize the exceptions (they only mention neighbor and weigh).

nipples are just fucking nipples get over it

79 and don't forget to snap your fingers..

77 The girls I hang with have dignity.

#97 Having sex before marriage doesn't make someone any less dignified. Unless, of course, that someone is being promiscuous, but there's a vast difference between sleeping with your boyfriend/girlfriend and sleeping with people you hardly know.

What's wrong with sex outside of a committed relationship, so long as you're safe?

RPS - I suppose I'll agree with that, so I don't totally give up on society. :P Thatbeingsaid, I didn't have to really 'memorize' the exception, since if they were simply memorized I would have long forgotten. I learned them. :D

&49 LMFAOO!!! soooo trueee!!:P

Maybe she shouldn't be such a whore, having sex with her NEW boyfriend counts as slutty in my book.

110- But then one must ask where you draw the line. At what point in the relationship is the boyfriend not considered a 'new boyfriend' anymore? If, for example, it's 6 months, why not have sex? There's nothing wrong with it, assuming you're both ready. Also, some people do have sex very early on (like, within the first month). That doesn't make them a whore. They're capable of making their own decisions. Who are you (or anyone else) to judge them on when exactly they first had sex in their relationship?

Well, at the point where you still call them a " new" boyfriend is too soon. I have mo problem with people that choose to be sluts and give it out like candy, but they had better be prepared to be called that.

Lol pepperoni nipples! Or rather dinner plates.

#100(nerdsgetmehot) And who are you to say that having casual sex(yes, that's what promiscuous means) is making them less dignified? You're exactly like the person you're arguing with, it's just that your view of what is accepted is a bit broader, but still limited and judgemental. So girls(and boys I assume) should only have sex within a relationship or only with people that they know well ? As long as they're not being stupid about it, why is it wrong exactly? Obviously, I'm not saying that having sex with 200 men by the time you're 18 is an alright thing to do, because exaggeration is never good, weather it's playing video games or having sex. But that's another matter entirely, and that's not what you said.

i before e except after c? (:

rofl soo true. what right does a guy have to point out flaws in his girlfriends body? not all girls end up on a pole...

100 - Does the word "New" mean anything to you? Be logical, she barely knows the guy." What a whore/ slut.

it's sad how Americans don't realize that ENGLISH is not the HUMAN LANGUAGE

ever seen inverted nipples or long nipples? Its pretty gross

She didn't say how long they've been together, only that he was her new boyfriend. So it'd be the first time she had sex with her 'new' boyfriend as opposed to her old one. Perhaps. Or she it could be the second week they've been bf/gf and they're having sex. But we don't know how long they've been together, so don't be judging and calling OP a slut.

zinoxity, did u ever think that maybe the op thought of the bf as new until she had sex with him? even if she didn't, u have no rights to call her a slut or a whore, u don't know her! I bet any money that you are the fugliest nerd that's has no friends and will never get laid, therefore anyone that does get laid is in ur opinion, a slut or a whore. grow up and get over yourself. prick.

It's called a "backhanded compliment" i.e. an insult. http: // In other words, he's a douche.

some of us don't live in english-speaking countries.

Says the person who spells it "realize"...

155 - I don't know who you're referring to, but FYI, it can be spelled 'realize' or 'realise'...

#117 *whether and your comment makes no sense...

And who are you to decide what exaggeration is? You might think something should be classified as exaggeration, but someone else might say the exact opposite. You're exactly like the person you're arguing with, it's just that your view of what is accepted is a bit broader, but still limited and judgemental. ;) nerdsgetmehot actually made a valid point, although indeed, it reflected her opinion. But who doesn't here? I think there are very few people here who react based solely on facts.

depending on where you're from (or where the person you're talking to is from) realise is used by brits, realize by americans. in response to 156, somehow it got here.

He better open his mouth only during oral.

Gotta love the war between the genders :))

sarcastic peace.. sounds like invisible unicorn or sweet pickle.. but I need to memorize this term, i like it. solemn oath to mention your copyright when using it :)

Mona - You do realize there is such a thing as a sweet pickle, right? It depends on what's put in with the vinegar. 'Bread and butter pickles' are sweet mixed.

provide pictures anwe will judge if they are weird or not

I like a girl with big nipples yummy fun to suck on!

tell him his penis was starting to look funny. like a swollen banana

I wasn't aware that bananas could swell?

#31 well they did.. in my dreamland.

would that be a compliment? swollen = thicker?

they cant, shes just an asian fuck dnt be so racist

I wasnt aware that a girl wouldn't like that lmao

Ew thank you for the mental image.

wat een eikel

Speak English, mmkay?:)

what an ass. op understands, she's dutch too.

Oh, okay then. What an ass indeed.

10-So you have funny nipples too?

And 9 maybe you should get the fuck out?

marinus, she wrote a comment in Dutch, ghats why OP should understand her :)

43, only after you ;)

9, number 5 was speaking English. it was comepletely understandable

whoa don't know about anyone else, but there are two number 9's according to my fml app

oooooh, keyboard commando arent we #43? speak english everyone! this is an english site, stupid!

"awwww, thanks hunny! and I sooo admire that fact that you're ok with having chicken legs and fat lady arms!........ you smell like my aunt betsy...... "

Well, the only way to know for sure if they're odd is to let us all see them.

no no should show a pic of evry thing so we can tell you a good plastic sergion

what an ass.

YDI for having weird nipples!!!