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I dub thee corpse fucker

Try deflating her and then blowing her back up. :)


Maybe she's dead...

that sucks! are you that bad, or is she just that loose?

your lucky, wait until she reaches for the remote control and turns the TV on. it's then that you know for sure your bad.

Time for some KY.

time for an affair

Either that or let her have a go at you with a strap on. guaranteed for her to move. good times had by all

lol 12 my friend Morghan is as they say "a dead horse" she won't move or do anything to a guy during sex. she says it's cause she was "muslce problems" but she makes it up. I'd still fuck her though...she's so hot..

I am genuinely concerned as to how a woman can lay there and just take it? The fun of it is getting amongst it, team work, it's not a one sided job!

try some erotic things, and look for that infamous g spot.

Try deflating her and then blowing her back up. :)

Atre you sure she isn't dead? Maybe you killed her because you suck so bad

and boom goes the dynamite.

tosh.o reference ftw!

Flat fish syndrome

I agree with 19, how do you not then stop and have a conversation with your partner about how you each feel about your joint sex lives. Obviously OP you feel unhappy with her lack of participation. instead of just going at it anyway, why don't you try and work with your girlfriend about what she wants so you BOTH enjoy sex. Communication is essential for all facets of a relationship.

That is freaking hilarious!

She is probably unattracted to you and can't keep herself interested or turned on.

Time to lay the spices on the bed.

Damn, Haley. I love your sincerity.

maybe she is lesbian?

69 You're cute shush.

This is officially my favorite comment of all time. (There was a ceremony and everything.)

The favorite comment award was intended for number 75-yazah. I touched the little reply arrow, but sometimes this app has a mind of it's own.

time to be the guy that starts masturbating instead. then we can see her fml in a month.

**..maybe she "sucks" so bad...lmfao.

she's probably like " if I ignore him he will go away" x)

have you tried NOT putting roofies in her drinks before you give them to her?

75's comment was my favorite. I couldn't stop laughing lmao. 192's was my second favorite :D. Op, you definitely should've questioned her the second time if not the very first time. You shouldn't have let it go this far.

hahaha maybe ur dick is just really small nd she cnt feel it!!

Stick it in her ass, guaranteed to move or say something then!!!

I dub thee corpse fucker

LMFAO Epic Win!!!!

or he could just wake her up next time

Well, is she a blow up doll? Cause they usually don't say much back..

unless... you MAKE them talk... but then that'd just be weird...

lmao. "please just say something"

Mebbe he has a wee dinker and she doesn't realize that they ARE having sex. What a considerate lover; and to think it only took him 7 times to figure it out!

Kinda like necrophilia, ain't it.

"Baby, could you blink so I know you're still with me?"

Thats called necrophilia dude.

Only if he likes it.

Or chloroform, you sick bastard.

it's not weird if it's still warm

If you cum, you've won!

It's called Time To TALK to the woman. Find out what's up, geez. Stop doing the same damn thing and expecting different results.

you killed her you jerk!!

no, he is so good she doesnta have to do anything

or she just didn't have time to move during his 6 seconds of pleasure

Or he just sucks... Zing?

he killed her 7 times?

Maybe she's hinting that you suck :(

If it was a real problem then it would be worded diff and usually when someone does that it's cause the guy should know from personal experience

No shit Sherlock? Because you're 14 years old and you know for sure. Damn!

sound like a candy ass

Maybe OP is just boring in the sack? Even the FML is boringly(lol) worded. OP needs to talk to her and ask what the problem is.

I didn't realize being 14 years old ment something bad

14 and 364 days to be exact.

Or maybe the girl in question just feels like saying anything would be awkward, and doesn't know how to interact during it.

lmao! no really!!!! can't help but state the obvious eh?

lol 64 is speaking from experience

I love how people fight on FML...

well sure you can only call me 14 for two more days then I'll be 15 sweetie

maybe she needs to take the cock out of her mouth and stop hinting by TALKING THROUGH HER NOISE HOLE

Yeah ur not gonna magically turn mature cuz ur gonna be 15 in a few days. Just saying

just saying age has nothing to do with hun. let's actually talk about the fml. I know you guys have to bash other people instead of keeping it about the fml but it's okay I forgive you.

I think my move he means she didn't tilt her head back or squirm in pleasure and by noise he means moan or scream..

Maybe tell her you want to switch it up and try a different position? Get her more involved. Sex takes two people

Takes two heads, not two people.

I sure hope you don't mean two dickheads

two heads? but yea get her involved sex can be fun

does your hand count as a people?

stick a random finger or 2 in her ass if she doesnt make a noise after that then she's a wierdo o.o

She'll probably like that!

Two in the pink and one in the stink, that's called the shocker! you can do it in the bathroom or do it in your car or do it in the ally right behind the bar! Two in the pink and one in the stink, give her the shocker!

what is wrong with you?

She doesn't like your moves in bed, my friend. I suggest you talk to her about it and ask her to be honest and tell you what she likes and wants. She doesn't want to fake it anymore but is too timid to tell you why. Try different things. Watch how she reacts.

Or, you sit her down and ask, " What do you like? What do you want me to do?" If you make it clear you want to satisfy her and want her to enjoy it as much as you do, chances are she will open up and tell you. Just talk to your gf.

Try something new?

well maybe u need to change something? or u simply just suck