By clostar / Tuesday 19 January 2016 20:17 / United States - San Francisco
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  doemetoch  |  28

I've never had sex with someone without either me or him making breakfast the morning after. Even if it was just a one time thing. I dunno, it's called being decent people, no? Just leaving after fucking, or expecting the other to, seems rude to me.

  cheeeksss  |  29

I agree, it is rude. But in reality, is everyone polite? No. I was just trying to point out that if you let a guy (or girl) into your pants that quickly, they are not likely going to have much respect for you. I wanted to show OP that to avoid this from happening again, to not sleep with someone you just met at a party that night, especially if you have expectations.

  doemetoch  |  28

I guess I never really got the "having sex quickly = not respecting each other" thing. You find each other attractive, there's some kind of spark, you share a nice moment, give and receive pleasure,... All things that can perfectly be done with respect and esteem for the other person, and yourself. Casual sex doesn't have to be the sad thing some people seem to make out of it. But well, maybe that's just me.

  Dick_diamond  |  22

Why does there have to be shame? And why does this always seem to apply disproportionately to women? They liked each other, and they both got sex out of it. No shame to it..

  Soninuva  |  41

It's boys like you that give males a bad name. Instead of apologizing and owning up to one's actions, you attempt to shift the blame. Everyone is accountable for their own actions, they're not excused because that's what some people consider "the norm."

By  Axel5238  |  29

Rude of the guy even meeting at party. Though that was the mistake right there. Hook ups at parties are fairly common and if alcohol was involved he assumed it was a drunk and horny thing. No reason not to be nice, but one kinda and unfortunately one has to expect this kind of shit. Like dating your boss or co-worker more often than not don't end well and something to avoid. Making out eh that's 1 thing, but sleeping with someone you don't know rarely ends well and kinda hard not to know with the internet it's most likely a bad idea.


Zactly why I say atleast bed aging whoever you sleep with, the you know they atleast care a little bit about you and you don't deal with the stupidity of casual nonsense.

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