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  then000bster  |  16

Die and lol don't really go too well together when trying to be serious.
Well OP tried and fell. As we all know (; It doesn't matter you had... an experience with someone else and you most likely can pull something away from it to help you be better next time.

  aliiballybee  |  9

Settle down its just a phrase, I would die if someone told me that too because it is humiliating and I would also put lol because if laugh if it was done to me... God why does no-one ever see the funny side to life on this page, i thought that was what this page was for? Have a giggle at people's stories? LIGHTEN UP

  tjv3  |  10

Wow sorry OP. hey practice makes perfect though lol and well I'm from Texas too so i think it would be rude for me not to offer free practice lessons LOL just joking;)

  thatnucca  |  36

Not worth OPs time. Someone deemed worthy wouldn't bolt the way he did and hide behind a cellphone to say what he feels after sharing an intimate moment.

  Awahso  |  25

How is he a jerk? It could have been awkward for a variety of reasons. At least he didn't just ignore OP or turn into one of those guys who use people just for sex

  threer  |  30

like ikr major fyl if you were in a like serious relationship lolz

  Caitie_kid  |  8

Practice makes perfect. Who knows she could be just a shy girl who needs help bringing her inner freak out ;). He won't get to know what he's missing now, and it could be a LOT.

  Rodville  |  28

Isn't that what a girl is suppose to do the first time. But I have been married so long that I just assume its the guys fault. Because my wife hasn't done anything wrong for 19 years.

By  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

OP in my opinion don't take it too harshly, my guy friend was just messaging me about a similar experience. Maybe the guy was turned off by some of the things you did, while other guys would find it boner-worthy hot. Everyone has their own preferences as to what is and is not good sex. Such as some guys love getting their back scratched whilst making their partner orgasm, others find it a turn off.
If you don't find it too embarrassing, maybe asked him what made him not enjoy the sex (so you can try to improve in the future if it's worth it)? Cause while what I said could be true, you could also just be a lazy lay where you make the guy do all the work, in which that case I'd say you do need to work on that.

By  carina_47  |  16

Sex is about giving and taking - obviously. Even if you put in all the effort, that ist a maximum of 50% you can contribute. The other 50% come from him. When that's not feasible, and if sex is an important part in a relationship for you (I know I couldn't live without), then move on. He was rude for putting it that way. If he didn't enjoy the sex, what he should've done was to communicate what needed improvement, as opposed to attack your dignity. Nobody wants to be that exposed.
FYL I feel so bad for you.