By Anonymous - 17/12/2012 08:17 - United States

Today, I had plans for a romantic night with my boyfriend, who is perfect in every way possible. We were going to have sex for the first time as well. Unfortunately, I had a dream last night about him shitting all over me and I can't look at him with a straight face. FML
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I still wonder what may have triggered such a dream...

why make a big fuss, it's just a dream. perhaps u could tell him about ur dream and just joke it away. better luck next time


I still wonder what may have triggered such a dream...

Does there always have to be a trigger? I get the most random dreams and I can't find any discernible link to my waking life... Maybe it's just me. Or maybe hyenas prancing over a green and yellow segway, showing me yoyo tricks before I plunge into a giant pot of frisbees and fireworks has some deep and significant meaning like: I need to take oppurtunities before they fly by me and explode.

The trigger could have been this video from Youtube.

The trigger would be a subconscious want or need, it could have also been the need to go to the bathroom when she was sleeping!

28 - I agree on the most part, but if I felt the urge to go to the bathroom when sleeping I usually dreamt of myself going to the bathroom or situations alike, but not someone else going or even shit on me...

I've always wanted someone to take a dump on my chest. :/

every time i've dreamed i was pissing, it hasn't turned out well.

Pretty obvious line of dream-investigation there. Just follow the metaphor. In what other ways do you feel like your boyfriend is shitting all over you?

My thoughts exacly, or she's afraid that he's going to "shit all over her" because he's a little too perfect.

...did u watch 2 girls, 1 cup before bed?? o.O

why make a big fuss, it's just a dream. perhaps u could tell him about ur dream and just joke it away. better luck next time

It would be awkward if he replied "Oh wow, I was afraid to ask, but that's what I always wanted to do!"

damn, shit go!

Yoda you are?

1 guy, 1 girl, 1 cup?

No cup, 1 chest


That's nasty.

2 shits that i dont give

Sounds like a "steamy" dream...

No, it sounds like a really crappy dream to me.

Go #62. If your gonna make a pun #5, at least make sure the obvious ones have already been done.

It's just a dream. Tell him about it, have a laugh, and get over it. Don't let it stop you from shagging for the first time.

I don't get how this is even an FML. 1) He is your boyfriend, and if you are planning on having sex with him for the first time, then I'm sure you know him pretty well by now. Especially since you seem to be making into it a special event. 2) It's a fuckin' dream and if you are using this dream as an excuse not to have sex, then you, obviously, are not ready yet. 3) Planning to have sex with your boyfriend for the first time should adequately motivate you into doing it. And liking it.

Maybe this is just your unconscious self letting you know what you're really in to?

What a crappy thing to happen. I hope you can wipe those images out of your head...*waits to be thumbed down*

You would've got so many thumbs up if you didn't put:Waits for thumbs down. You ruined your likes.

Oh...i shan't do that again then :L

That's kinda shitty! See what I did there?

Yes I did, and it was terrible.

Your joke was absolute shit, plus it's not as if we haven't already had our dose of shitty jokes from that toilet book FML

We did see, unfortunately

What a shitty scena- *headshot*

Shitty scenario? Well, it's a start anyways...

Why the hell was this thumbed down?! It's much better than the idiots who take everything seriously!

"my boyfriend, who is perfect in everyway possible." Man, does that guy have you fooled. I think when you have sex for the first time, the "perfect in everyway possible" dream will fade.

you sound forever alone

Sounds like Loserman is talking from experience.

He does have a point, no one is "perfect in every way possible." They obviously don't know each other that well if they haven't found anything they dislike about each other.

Maybe he's not perfect, but is perfect for/to her. Love makes us turn a blind eye to imperfections.

'Love makes us turn a blind eye' = putting up with little problems because in the grander scheme of things they don't matter NOT seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses to the point that you describe your boyfriend as 'perfect in every way possible'. Plus, even if you thought that, why would you say it like that to other people, especially when it's not really related to the fml?

Love isn't about finding the perfect person, it's about seeing the imperfect person perfectly ;)

57 you made that up, right?

I have to agree with loserman, honestly. They seem like they're young and in love. Time is the true measuring stick of any relationship...