By Leeono / Monday 11 February 2019 11:00 / United Kingdom - Hull
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By  mssileas  |  19

I have a hard time imagining that 'setting up two bunk beds' is a task that magically appeared as soon as your wife left to go out. Who would have set them up if you were gaming like you had planned to do all weekend?

Not saying it's a great move on her part, but I fail to see the connection between 'no one is talking of the bunk beds at all' and 'bc my selfish wife left I suddenly had to do this never before mentioned task all by myself'.


I wondered about that as well, but there are plausible explanations. Maybe the plan was for his wife to build them, for instance, or perhaps she reminded him of a forgotten chore on her way out the door.

  mssileas  |  19

Would have made sense to elaborate on that, then. This way, it's just one of them complaining he doesn't get to play video games all weekends, and the other getting smashed and puking all over the place. All of this apparently with kids involved so I'm really underwhelmed with all adults involved.