By Anonymous - 20/05/2011 23:30 - United States

Today, I had my new girlfriend over for dinner. Halfway through the meal, my dad started poking her with his fork. When I asked him what the hell he was doing, he barked back, "Just making sure she isn't a blow-up doll!" FML
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Tell him: "she blows ... me"

wow fy gf's life...what an awkward meeting the parents dinner...


lol you wish son

wth if wrong with op's dad? Can't he at least not try to embarrass his kid. Parents...smh

why did the girl let him poke her with a fork?

let him get a turn at the doll dick

wow fy gf's life...what an awkward meeting the parents dinner...

yea if I were OP not only would I say he needs to learn to respect women but also tell him to shut up and stop embarrassing both me and her

shut your pale ass up

Yeah... although can I add: Hahahhahaha!!

"Today, I was at my boyfriends house for dinner. While we were at the dining table, his father started jabbing me in the arm with his fork. When my boyfriend asked what the hell he was doing, his father replied "Just making sure she's not a blow-up doll." FML

I think it would lighten the mood really, humor is a great segue into a conversation, maybe that's just me

That'd be an expensive blowup doll

I love your pic!!!!!

I fucking love your pic

#6, that would just make her feel more awkward.

Tell him: "she blows ... me"

She could be plastic (fantastic) for all you know. The father is looking out for OP >.>

True, but at least he could watch for the girl's feelinfs. And blowups dont eat.

Good call, Dad... good call.

forks: $6.00 meal: $27.00 your gf's first impression of your dad and new found perspective of you: priceless

that's a win in my books.

Hey, she knows how to take care of my little friend pretty well.

Wow. Atleast it couldn't have gotten anymore embarrassing.

Hey, he could have pulled out the naked pictures.