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I say win. go home order a pizza and when the guy comes to the door open it hastly and say finally help has arrived this dragon is to powerful! then hand him a sword.


Sometimes, the guy you think is a "Knight In Shining Armor" just winds up being a retard wrapped in tin foil! J/K, I saw this on a t-shirt today, and had to share


Exactly. You can't possibly tell me there are no other people at the re-enactment, on the way home, or at home. There are no other people in the entire universe that could possibly help you for two seconds to undo a couple of things so you can get the rest of the gear off. YDI simply because you can't think of the most basic thing to solve the simplest of problems.

i work at a lot of re-enactments...all you had to do is ask someone for help..and they will help....i have suited up many knights and many more undone when they need help. people are re-enactments are very nice, even if you are an outsider in that group...

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