By mandieee - 15/06/2017 20:00

Today, I had my first shift as a server at a restaurant after getting stuck behind an accident and arriving late, apologizing profusely. Apparently no one knew I'd been hired but I was still yelled at for tardiness. They then made me clean a fridge for 4 hours and paid me in pizza. FML
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Paid in pizza? That sounds like its under minimum wage

Was it at least good pizza?


Was it at least good pizza?

I'd like to get paid in pizza any day

Paid in pizza? Are they hiring? Can you put in a good word for me?

Paid in pizza? That sounds like its under minimum wage

pizza is the best payment. takes out the middle man. Need money for food anyway.

Does anyone look up their rights? They can't pay you like that, surely.

You're correct, it is illegal in the United States.

Eat the pizza then hire a lawyer to get your money back. No way to trace the pizza's whereabouts after it goes in your belly and comes out as tiny brown logs out of your ass.

If you're in the U.S. than I believe it's illegal (IANAL) to pay you in pizza. They have to pay you in actual money (cash,check,direct deposit whatever.)